Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Leaving another year behind, and what a year it has been!

I think it's a great day to look back and appreciate all the things that have happened and all the growing and changes that occurred. I know that this year has been a whirlwind of activity and change. Good and not so good things have happened, but they all contributed to every single one of us becoming who we really are, the best that we can be! As much as sometimes the events happening in our lives might be hard to understand and make sense of in this, they help us grow and learn about ourselves in so many different ways!

This past year, I have definitely experimented alot in the way I live my life. I've learned what works for me and what doesn't.  I live a compassionate life, causing as little harm as possible and as much bliss and I can. I really want to thrive in a lifestyle that reflects that.

As much as my consistency hasn't been as great as it can be, I am grateful for the hard times I've had with raw veganism. The moments when I don't eat raw make me appreciate the amazing feeling being on a 100% high carb, high vibe raw vegan lifestyle. I have had amazing moments fueled on fruit and love this year.

My goals for the new year? I have many, but here are a few that are most relevant to what I post on this blog:

- Become a certified Holistic Nutritionnist and spread the love.
- Become consistently more and more raw. Beat my 23 days and make it a forever change.
- Become as fit as I know I can be.
- As much as numbers shouldn't matter, I will attain my goal weight.

So now is the time to also look forward, but start now! I suggest making a vision board specifically for the new year. Make it a fun activity! Definitely makes me feel like a kid again, doing arts and crafts with my colorful markers and scissors!

Happy New Year to all of you, may this year be filled with welcome changes, positive challenges and everlasting happiness!

Oh and don't forget the fruit!!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Banana-Avocado Hair Mask!

I was in the mood to experiment with a shampoothie or hair mask. So I decided to try this one out since I had spotted it a few days ago during a random Google search for DIY skin/hair stuff that involved simple recipes and fruity goodness! I've been Shampoo free for almost 6 months now and I'm loving it. My scalp does tend to get a bit dry so I figured the avo would help with that.
First things first! Gather your ingredients! A Nice ripe spotty banana, organic preferably. You could also use a banana that is slightly off or overripe. A quarter avocado, don't use more than this or else your hair will have a oily look to it. I also used about a teaspoon Almond oil, which is an extra to ad if you have it, but if you don't, no need to purchase.

Bland away! Alternatively you can use a fork to mush it all up, only you'll probably have chunks and it may be harder to rinse out afterwards.

Green mushy goodness!

Apply all over. 

This is an optional step. I wrapped my hair in a plastic grocery bag to seal in heat so that the mask penetrates deeply into the hair. It's a great way to recycle, seems like there's always one around even though our household uses the reusable ones for actual groceries...

Don't forget to clean up your mess! Although the reaction to this one might be hilarious. Hahahaha!

Make sure that you rinse it all out very well after 10-15 minutes.


My hair was too shiny for the camera! Pictures kept coming out with blurry/shiny areas. This mask was great, gave me awesome volume and brought out my natural curl. I would definitely go without the almond oil next time though, too much fat cause me to have to tie up my hair the next day. But it was uber soft and just felt great! (Notice my lovely gradation of color in the pictures, growing out hair takes some commitment). With all the cold wind outside and dryness caused by central heating, my hair really welcomed this mask and I would definitely do it again! It also helped tons with my dry scalp issue, it feels much softer and less itchy. :) 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

WHAT!?!?! We aren't made to drink Cow Milk!?!?! Go Vegan.

Isn't it just the craziest ideas ever that we aren't made to drink COW milk? That a substance produced by another species, for their young isn't an essential part of our diet? Preposterous. Insanity I say!

I am going to go beyond the easiest arguments against it, like the fact that no other species drinks another's milk passed toddler-hood.

Did you know a calf that feeds on its mother milk will double in size in 47 days. A human baby on breast milk does this in 180 days. No wonder we are getting fatter and less and less healthy! The ratio of carb/fat/protein is also totally different, 30/49/21 for cow and 40/53/7 for human mothers, on average. The massive difference in protein content is the first to acknowledge. We as human beings have become so obsessed with getting enough of the wrong macro-nutrient. Babies, who go through massive growth spurts, only need 7% of their calories to come from protein. I think that speaks for itself. The higher carbohydrate content is explained by our needs for glucose to fuel our bodies and brains. The fat content is higher than what an adult needs simply because it is a more concentrated form of calories and children only develop the stomach size for carbohydrates as their main source of calories once they are weaned (which is supposed to be when they decide to, on average around 4 years old)

Let's add to this, shall we? Commercial milk contain high levels of pus, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and other bacteria. Basically it's the perfect food with which to feed disease, including cancer and diabetes. Even if you are buying organic, there are still high levels of natural growth hormones that are supposed to help a calf grow,would you like to be size of a full grown cow?

Now let's also put the calcium "issue" to rest! Cow's milk does contain calcium. But the problem is that the milk digests acid, and since our bodies want to remain in an alkaline state, our body does it's best to re-balance our pH levels by pulling more calcium from our bones and thus, rending the calcium it contained completely useless since our bodies pull more calcium that it provides. Green leafy veggies and citrus contain tons of calcium that our bodies can use, as do almonds.

Next! There's is a reason why so many people on this planet are lactose intolerant. So many actually don't even know they are and the uncomfort they live with everyday goes unexplained, I should know I was one of them. We lose the ability to digest lactose after we are weaned as babies/toddlers.

One more point as to why milk isn't made for human consumption, cow milk contains opiates called casomorphin. The purpose of this drug is to get the calf "hooked" on it's mother's milk so that it will feed frequently and survive/thrive. It has the same effect on humans as any other opiate would. An addiction is created and this explains clearly why many people say: "I couldn't live without cheese/milk/sour cream". It isn't because you need it, it's because you are addicted.

And to be honest with all the alternatives available now, there is absolutely no excuse to keep supporting an industry that takes away calves from their mothers as soon as they are born which has them crying for weeks, that keeps cows pregnant their whole lives and just dumps them(aka slaughter) when they stop producing enough for the standards put in place, that can only be achieved with drugs and genetic modification. There is no excuse to keep these animal in restrained spaces and have them suffer their whole lives for something that we never needed.

Do the right thing, for you, for the animals, for the planet.

Go Vegan.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Organisation: well it's damn helpful that's for sure.

The past week has been a little(read:too much) crazy. So many thing have happened to change my perception of my path. I got a tons of disappointment and am now using it to make my life better and more fulfilling instead of wallowing in self pity and depression. I can't help but see the transformation in me. A year ago, I would have wallowed and cried, which don't get me wrong I did, but just for a night instead of a indeterminate amount of time. I gave myself time to "grieve" and now I am making decisions to not have it happen again.

I was supposed to be in South Africa with the love of my life for Christmas. It was the only thing I wanted and the only "thing" I asked for. It was promised to me, but not everyone keeps their promises. I was massively disappointed and disappointed others. It really wasn't pretty. I've lost trust in a family member and am now moving on. It's a slap in the face from the universe. There are changes I have to make, and now I am making them.

So I've set myself up with tools to help me along! Posted right next to my door is this:
The topmost one has the title of "Where I want to be in 6 months". It includes various goals from fitness, to relationship goals and school related stuff.

Directly below is titled: Staying Raw and list all the most important things that are going to keep me on my path to ultimate health! It includes eating enough calories, drinking enough ater, being active everyday, getting enough sleep, keeping a positive attitude, keeping my goals in mind, to never give up and states this"You are strong and Beautiful".

The third is an exercise schedule. Something that will keep me on track with my fitness goals! I've discovered a love for cycling the past few weeks and want to organize some bike tours with my bff. A great goal to thrive towards fitness wise! It's always easier when you have a challenge in mind. Like a 5k run or a 70k bike race.

Next I set up these next to my mirror:
The two top ones are my pain/pleasure lists of what happens when being 100% raw. Something to keep me on track and keep the reason why I have chosen this path for myself. Having reminders around are going to be great because then I can never lose sight of my motivations.

The last one at the bottom is a beginning to my vision board. I'm going to be assembling it over the next few days, it'll include everything I see myself doing/accomplishing. Not necessarily specific to any timeline, just all my dreams and aspirations smashed together in harmony.

And now my bed is calling.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The key to success?

I just had this random thought about hat the true key to succeeding in anything really is. While there may not be one "true" answer for everyone, one thing comes to mind for me, and that would be consistency!

In all my life adventures, I think that my biggest successes happened when I was being consistent in my output of effort. I'm the type of person that has wayyy too many ideas. I get caught up in the excitement of the novelty of the ideas, but don't regularly follow through because I get caught up in what I'm already doing (which is already usually lots). My problem when i wasn't following through was that i was seriously inconsistent and disorganized.

When I started using lists and writing down things, kind of like a vision board without images, I started actually getting stuff done. There is no better feeling that conceptualizing something that you're passionate about and then seeing it done! Getting myself organized enabled me to be consistent because I knew what needed to be done and then could make decisions and act on what needed to be done next.

Another thing that realllly helps with succeeding, is knowing yourself well enough to know when you are ready to take the next step. This, in my opinion, is vitally important to accomplishing your goals. Knowing how you work, as much as that may sound weird to some, gives you a huge edge on success. As an example, I know that I won't 100% commit to something until I've tested the waters. When the concept of raw veganism first came into my life, I laughed and said I would never do it. That it was too extreme. Well look at me now! I gave myself the time to come around to the idea and then started dipping my toes into the pool of awesomeness that is being raw. And from that experience I know now that sometimes people may tell you you're crazy, say they could never do something, but if you give them time enough to warm up to new ideas, they may just surprise you and cannon ball right in!

There are tons of other tips to success. But I really believe that these few ones are fundamental. Find a way to be consistent, learn to know yourself, and give yourself some time to consider new ideas, new approaches. And last, but not least, Thrive to be the best possible you that you can be. Always.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Blurb. And how to stop being idiotic.

Ok, so I've absolutely thrown myself off the wagon this time, no falling involved. And it's really the most idiotic thing, because I'm not even enjoying the cooked CRAP I've been consuming.WTF right?

I have no real excuse. Besides, there are NONE that apply to not treating my body as it should be and nourishing it with the best food I can possibly find. I'm just being an idiot really. And seriously, this is it. Cause I can't continue doing shit for no reason other than it's easy and numbing, which is sadd. Thankfully I'm still eating fruit as a majority, but not 100%. No excuses is what I said, and I am not going back on it, because, again, there are none that are valid.

My life has been going through alot of major upheaval lately, basically I'm reconsidering everything that I've been doing and want to change alot of it, right now. I'm just really trying to figure out the best way to get to my end goal and achieve my new and most awesome goals. But then this whole thing is causing some serious soul searching that has me going a little crazy at times. But again, no excuses are good enough, and so those are more like trends that I know will trigger me off my path.

ALAS! (lol) there id also good news. I randomly decided to throw on a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 5 years, and they magicallllllyyyyy fit! Not perfectly I must say... but i got them on and tied and they didn't make me look like a mushroom! I'll attribute that to fruity goodness and working my bum off at work helping out with the construction of our new office! (which is ALMOST done yayyy!) I hadn't really noticed the change until then, even though my Mama kept saying I had lost some weight. Since I'm taking a break from the evil scale and with being so busy, sometimes you don't notice your hard work and awesome choices paying off!

Lesson of the week? Stop being an idiot and continue with what works. Plus, as much as life can seem complicated and all, there are so many thing worth smiling about. So smile!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I'm rediscovering just how much proper sleep is important to live a healthy life. Only a few more days and I can get back to a regular schedule instead of working 10 hour days!! Not to mention Uni assignments and studying... and th work I'm doing is mostly manual labor helping out finish the construction of my dad's new office space. So at least not going to the gy isnt sooo bad. Although I really enjoy the gym, best time to think and plan things!

It's got me totally out of habit with my schedule that had me going sooo well. I just get so busy that I forget to eat, and that is never a good thing. My tummy is not liking me at the moment.

Soooon. Soon it will be over.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Big Things happen when you get inspired!

So I've been MIA for the past little while. I had a sudden moment of inspiration, you know the ones they talk about with the crazy clarity and motivation, the moment where you just KNOW this is what you were meant to be doing? Exactly that kind of moment, music and all! Now I am going to stay a little cryptic on what exactly I'm working on, but it absolutely is relevant to what I talk about on here. As soon as I'm ready to show the world what it is i'm preparing, it'll appear on here. :)

Food wise I've been doing ok, mostly because I'm getting so caught up in my work that I forget to eat regularly, then I realize I'm starving, and as much as I want only fruit, I can't seem to eat enough fast enough, I start off good, by having a fruit meal but then have something more densely caloric. I have been staying 811 though, and of course everything I eat is vegan. But since I'm back into somewhat of a normal schedule tomorrow, I'll be all set to get back on track.

Exercise wise, I've been realllly good! I worked doing some "hard labor" on a construction site for to long shifts, some great exerise that is! Was just helping out my family with a project that got behind. On the day I wasn't doing that, I either did a bootcamp workout at home, or went to the gym. Having a drive for life just makes such a huge difference, I feel like I have the energy to workout 10 hours a day, I also just haven't stopped being busy in the last bit. Being busy, IMO, is only detrimental if you can't keep a balance. My busy-ness has involved things from family and friends to business plans, work and spending time with my puppies. I go to bed tired, yet get 8 hours of sleep. Trying to spend some time outside, with the cold coming it isn't easy. Only thing I still need to work on is remembering to eat!

Have a great dayyy! Will try to get consistently posting again :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Back on the wagon and a Rawk'n Recipe!

Ahhhhhh feels so good to be fruittyyyyy. Reallly. Once you go fruit, there is no turning back. The feeling of a clean body is just irreplaceable, and then when your taste buds change, you know when you are eating dead foods, they just lose their appeal.

I also ate a load today, well more than I had been lately and actually what I should be eating daily aka 2500 calories. I figured out a way to get in more earlier in the day.I've alwayyys had issues with eating in the morning. It was never a habit of mine. So what I did today was make myself 2L of citrus juice (9 large grapefruit and 9 medium oranges) and BAM 1000 cals! Then I packed in a 8 nana smoothie with peaches, in 2 "sittings" and voila! 2000 cals. Then my lovely salad of the evening, which I'll share with you in a sec, paked in my last 500 cals and completed my day.

Raw Taco Salad!
*Side note" While this does have non 811 ingredients(spices), it's nice as a occasional/transitional thing and if you consume enough fruit in the day with no other overts, it can keep you under 10% fat as long as you don't over do it on the nuts and avo, like for me it got me to exactly 10%*

Raw Taco "filling"
Sundried Tomatoes
2 Limes worth of Juice
Taco Seasoning (Use a salt-free version)

Cashew Sour cream (optional)(just google for a recipe!)

2 large tomatoes
1/4 medium avocado
1 Head of lettuce

For the measurements of the taco"filling", a whole recipe calls for 1 cup of whole walnuts to 1/3 cup of sundried tomatoes, add seasoning to taste. You can certainly adjust these measurements to your taste. I think that next time ill be upping the sundried tomatoes and lessening the walnuts. 

I used less than 1/4 cup of the walnut mixture for one salad

Assemble to your pleasing! 

I had a salad thief come visit me...
But he was much too cute to deny! 

I also got some exercise in at home, just some squats and such to get myself moving. 

Till' Tomorrow!! Stay fruity ;)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dusting myself off.

So I went MIA...

I fell off the wagon so to speak, not too badly, but took a tumble nonetheless. I had boiled potatoes yesterday for supper and some vegan sushi this evening. I feel like utter crap and it wasn't even worth it at all. The food was not even close to being satisfying. The rest of the day however, was filled with fruit, at least there's that!

 The only thing it did was numb my terrible pre-menstrual symptoms that made me feel like I was literally going insane. It's a been a recurring issue these last few months and for the life of me I can't figure out why exactly, although I have some thoughts on it.Being in a long distance relationship, this is the only time in the past few years that I haven't had a semi-regular sex life/affection from a partner/close friend and its really the only thing, other than detox, that I can think has changed. I'm so much less stressed out now, so much more zen in everyday life, except when i'm PMS-ing, my anxiety only comes up at this time, whereas it used to be a daily issue. It's like I become a different person!

 I'm going to be taking some herbal tinctures to help me along, because it really is the only reason I ate cooked food. I had no cravings or anything, I just wanted the feeling to go away. And there was only one thing I knew that would do that. So back to fruity goodness tomorrow. I'm not enjoying the aftermath feelings of the cooked food at all, my digestion is off, I've got a light case of brain fog, I'm dehydrated, slightly grumpy and I just want to go to bed. So as much as I have tons of things to do, that I was supposed to do over the weekend, I'm off to sleepland after a liter or two of water. I'll be getting up bright and early to start the week afresh and rested!

I think a positive outcome to all this is that I know now that I'm really ready to be 100% raw. There is nothing out there that makes me feel better, even with the detox symptoms! It's really not that difficult to understand now. After this PMS thing is fixed, it'll be smooth sailing form here on out, or it'll be much easier to remind myself of this weekend and how I felt and I'll stay on this beautiful fruity path forevermore! Cooked food is just dead stuff that just doesn't fulfill my needs of pure living fresh food!

Till Tomorrow!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sometimes, you just need to push through to see the light at the end of the tunnel

So today started off as such a great day, I finally got back into the gym, had a massive 2L smoothie and a decent school/work day. But then things started going off, mostly emotionally. I just got so unmotivated all of a sudden, plus a crazy attack of cravings just was not, especially with all sorts of vegan cooked foods freely available around the house since I'm the only 100% 811-er. But somehow I got through that and didn't eat anything cooked or high fat. I just did what has now become a habit instead of giving in and ruining all the effort I've put in so far!

I think that what did contribute to my moodiness was two things: I randomly used salt today, no idea why, but right after I finished I just felt like crap and had the worst breath I've had since doing it 100%. Soooo not worth it and it didn't even taste good at all, at least not as good as I thought it would! So definitively NOT doing that again. It was just one of those moments you look back on an go: WTF was I thinking? I think that I just really wasn't and let the habit take over as opposed to keeping up the changes I've been making. Definitely a lesson learned.

Another reason would be I got a little more negative comments about my lifestyle than I'm used to and usually this does not bother me at all and I can turn it into a positive experience and spread the fruity love, today was just not the day. Plus some people just don't want to see the truth. Which is fine, I can't and don't want to make anyone do anything they don't want to, all I ask for is a little respect for my own choices.  Seriously I dont get whyyy people can't just shut up and mind their own business if they are going to talk poo about someone else's life. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself! I don't mind genuine curiosity or even total misunderstanding, even ignorance I don't mind at all. But comments that have no other purpose than to judge and spread negativity are useless and annoying to say the least.

Ok, now that I've got that out of my system I can breathe and go back to my usual positive self! I realllyyy don't enjoy going all rant-y about things, but it's useful in that it just eases all the tension some situations may cause. Now I can just let it go. Some people just can't see how unhappy they are and no one can show them that, it's something that has to be self-realized through many things, including observing others thrive.

After all, tomorrow is another day, it's fridayyyy and I have an awesome field trip with my Sociology of Race and Ethnicity class ( first time on a field trip in a Uni course, and I'm a third year!). ANNND its 21 day mark! Lots of thing to make me happy before sleep time :)

Movinnng on :)

Exercise (YAYYYY!!!)
15 mins hardcore on the bike
30 mins strength training- legs

500ml Grapefruit Juice
2L Banana-Cherry smoothie
Half a Pineapple and a Tomato- Avo "salad"
Large Tomato-Romaine salad


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Rawk'n the Hotel Room

Traveling and staying raw really isn't the big issue you may think it is. For weekend away with the girls, and as the only fruity nut, I organized myself. I brought a ton of ripe bananas, a pineapple, some dried fruit, a few cucumber and some tomatoes. I would have brought more but know that we would be eating out quite a bit.

This was my set up, all I needed was some flat space, given here in the form of a desk. I came equipped with my trusty magic bullet with blender sized thingy, cutting board and required utensils along with quite a few sealable bottles and glasses. Nothing fancy really, just efficient!

Like I said we ate out, here's what one meal looked like:

Yummy smoothies and a fruit plate, that while was just terrible combining, was pretty nonetheless and since some of it was unripe I didn't eat all of it. Next time ill just ask for a plate of one or two varieties! We went out one other time, other than for raw food and I just had a simple salad :)


Didn't get to the gym againnn. End of semester AND moving our office at the same time, not good. But tomorrow no excuses since I don't have to be anywhere before 1130 AM.

1L Grapefruit juice
1.5L Banana-mango smoothie
5 tomatoes
Large Salad (romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, 1/4 avo)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Getting my raw gourmet on! (Warning! Do NOT do this everyday)

So I had a wonderfull weekend in Toronto witha  few of my girls annd we went to 2 rawsome restaurants where I got to indulge in a little raw gourmet yummyness. Now this stuff is truly potent and really NOT something to eat on a regular basis, more on that after the pictures!

Avo Tartar with "crackers"

Pasta Bolonese

Med App Platter


Now, I didn't eat all this food, mine would be the App plate and the tostadas, we also shared a plate of Raw Nachos, but they were gone so fast a picture was never going to happen! But obviously I had a taste of everything!! Certainly curbed many cravings I was starting to have.

On the flip side, as delicious as it was, it just wrecked havoc on my digestive system. Bloating, cramps, not so love BM's, moodiness, I was a grumpy bunny. My body was protesting the lack of fresh fruit and simple combinations it has been loving these past few weeks, also does NOT help that we went to both restaurants in the same day. Ouch. So note to take, don't do this. Once in a while is fine, as in once every few months maybe? But I just could not handle doing that everyday! No wonder so many people feel that the raw thing doesn't work, if they are eating this stuff on a daily basis, I can understand why!

Today was nice and simple :) Day 18!

1L Grapefruit Juice
2L Banana-mango Smoothie
5 vine ripened tomatoes
Large Salad

Now I'm really getting to the gym tomorrow, I just feel so good! Plus, I really miss it!

Till Tomorrow!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Long day, Short post

I had a charged day today, a few things happened to a close friend and I spent the day sending her love and energy, plus I baked her some vegan cupcakes :) So I'll just be posting my daily intake for today and get my longer planned posts done the rest of the week

500ml OJ
1L banana-mango smoothie
Cucumber slices and tomatoes
Large salad
1L Grapefruit juice

Day 17 100% raw!! YAYY!! :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Back from weekend away!

I had planned on blogging the whole weekend, but unfortunately the hotel was charging 13$ a day fro internet, which was sooo ridiculous IMO. I had been expecting included wifi... but you don't always get what you assume will be there!

Anyyways, had an awesome weekend, have a bunch of food pics to share! But those will have to wait for tomorrow, since its late and I drove for a gazillon hours today! Great news is that I'm just finishing off 16 days raw at this moment :) I'll detail how the whole weekend went in my next post.

Food today:
1.5L banana-pineapple smoothie
4 bananas
Large salad
Raw nachos

Certainly did not eat enough, had some indigestion related to all the gourmet raw stuff I ate over the weekend.

Till Tomorrow!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Living with passion!

IMO one of the most important things we should include in our everyday lives is something hat we are truly passionate about. Something that gets us excited about life! Even better would be to work in a job that doesn't feel like work. Which is my goal for the rest of my life. I've decided to never really work for anyone but myself, or help out family like I'm doing now. I may go against that if the proper opportunity comes up that gets me going. But in reality, I'd rather just do my on thing, I do better that way!

I'm getting ready for a trade show weekend away with the girls that I'm just sooo excited about! There are many things that I am interested in: the three major ones being health, makeup and what I'm studying in school at the moment. This weekend is fulfilling my makeup interest. Makeup is my art! Creative makeup is what I love best, but I'm very interested in all the forms it takes. Personally I don't wear makeup everyday, but the urge does strike me.

So another awesome 100% day! I've officially beat my partner's "record" today, and as much as being competitive isn't always very nice... Well let's just say I'm very proud of myself!

500ml OJ
1L banana-mango smoothie
0.5L blueberry-banana smoothie
1 cucumber with fresh salsa and a few flax crackers
4 ears of fresh corn

I actually ate a good quantity today! 2400 cals in and feeling great!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My view on supplementation.

People are always so surprised when I tell them that I am a raw vegan?fruitarian and that I don't "believe" in supplementation. It's sad that we've been made to believe that a pill can replace a proper diet. Science hasn't even begun to understand the delicate balance of nutrients present in food, how can anyone claim that taking calcium or vitamin C is going to keep us healthy when it is completely taken out of context?

Take an orange for example, always said to be a great source of vitamin C actually has 170 known phytonutrients. How in any perspective does it make sense to replace a food that has 170 known phytonutrients with a pill containing one? The delicate balance present in the food nature provides us is far superior for our health than anything that we can manufacture, and it will always be that way. There is a "magic" way to health, it's called fruit and veggies. No need for a synthetic chemical pill.

Now that question that always comes up. What about b12? Vitamin B12 deficiency is a result of lifestyle and it doesnt indiscriminate accroos dietary choices, people following the SAD(standard american diet) are afflicted by it just as much if not more than those who choose to go without animal products. B12 is actually a bacteria that is recycled and created in our own intestinal flora, it also comes from dirt. Where do you think the animals get it? Now the issue with B12 is actually internal, its an absorbency or  production issue that is cause by many lifestyle related habits, such as drug use.

Vitamin D is also another topic of conversation. Vitamin D in its best form for our body is a hormone produced when our skin comes in contact with the sun, I've discussed this in a previous post.

Now health isn't just about diet, it's also about lifestyle, I'll talk about that in future posts.

So today marks twelve days 100% raw. It's quite an accomplishment for me, since my previous "record" was seven! I'm feeling great and the detox is getting better, although cravings are getting worse. I just have to start eating earlier in the day, right now I don't really eat until 10AM but I'm awake at 7AM.

1 L banana blueberry smoothie
0.5 L banana cherry smoothie
1 Whole Pineapple
2 Cucumbers
Large Salad

Till Tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just keep doing what works!

Ok so my typing skills arent at my best, My finger decided to get in the way of my salad preparation and suffered the consequences.

So this is the way im looking at thing at the moment, To truly succeed at anything, you have to find what works for YOU. To do that will take time, things that work and things that don't. I will take experimenting and researching what others are doing then applying the parts that work best for you, to finally give them your own twist!

I'll leave it at that for tonight, I want to get in an early night :)

(Oh and I forgot to post yesterday, but I did stay 100% raw!)

Day 11 today!

1.5 L Banana-Cherry smoothie
2 Cucumbers with fresh salsa and flax crackers
Large Salad

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Raw emotions.

Today was really a hard day for me. Emotionally I was having a hard time keeping the happiness I've been feeling lately. I was down for most of the day and had a few situations where I got a little overwhelmed and ended up staying in my PJs all day and procrastinating my day away. My mom is gone for the week and so I have the house to myself, which most people would be uber happy about, but I really enjoy having her and my littlest brother around because they bring much joy and affection to my every day life. Also really difficult because I'm in a very long distance relationship, so getting emotional comfort is a tad difficult and just not the same over skype! So anyways, i've kinda pulled it all together. Took a warm bath, did some creative makeup for my other blog and am cuddling with my puppy now. Learning to deal with emotions instead of hiding them in bad food is a definite learning curve for this bunny.

A big reason for my difficulties was also my first major cravings, but really I wasnt craving anything specific food-wise, just comfort! I was also wayyy undercarbed, so I basically made myself have 1L of smoothie and I am now feeling much better. Not eating enough is your worst enemy at any time, even more so at the point where I am now.

I just made the mistake of thinking of cooked foods that I used to go to in times lie these, and I'm weirdly nostalgic. I really have no desire to eat those things anymore, but the emotional attachment I used to give them is pretty powerful stuff.

I really have to stop making the mistake of not eating enough. If I don't it'll be my downfall and I'm really wanting to make this my once and for all into a completely raw lifestyle. So tomorrow is another day. Weekdays are so much easier for me because I have a routine and its easier to eat enough when it's habitual!


1 pomegranate(first of season, wasnt great, and too much work for what I got)
1L banana-rasp smoothie

Till' Tomorrow!!

Great days are just heavenly.

I had planned a more detailed post for today, but it's late and this Bunny needs to get some sleep in!

Lovely day, drove Mama and Littlest brother and his dad to the airport, lucky ones are off to the sun for a week! And then came back to get more sleep... since it was 4AM. After that had a nice day of studies, chatting with the bf and then some lovely time with a great friend, including going out to a veg restaurant where I got to get some gourmet raw dessert made by someone I met on a raw vegan forum!

I have pictures of most of my meal, except dessert... had already eaten half by the time I remembered to take a pic... I'll upload those tomorrow!

Food o'the day:
last 1/4 of my awesome watermelon
1L Orange juice
Smoothie at restaurant (banana, pineaple, mango, coconut milk and guava)
Avo-Nori salad
Raw carrot cake

All in all a day of enjoying life!

Friday, 4 November 2011

My little secrets: Making Detox easier.

I'm definitely not trying to say that detox isn't difficult, cause I've definitely had a less than awesome day. BUT there are ways to help yourself get through the hard part. Keeping your mind on the goal is one big one. Whatever change it is you are making, there was a reason you made it, keep that in mind.

There are things you can do to mentally prepare yourself to a difficult task, or situation, such as going 100% raw. I've taken 18 months to get to this point, and there is no way in hell I am giving up at this point just because I'm uncomfortable. I am keeping a positive outlook no matter what simply because it is worth the outcome. And you know what? If I fall, I'm going to get right back up again, because there is nothing I can't do. And that applies to every human being in this world. I a be!m not a superhero, I just want to live the best life and be the healthiest greatest ME I can be! :) YAYYYYYY!!! Self-motivation FTW!

So tricks:
Epsom Salt baths:
 From what I've researched, they really help detox the body, and de-stress, relax muscles, ease headaches, aid in better absorbency of nutrients. Need I say more? Just don't soak for longer than 20 mins.

Lemon water:
Alkalizing effect on the body, helps digestion, strengthens the liver, reduces phlegm... And it makes water taste even better!

So today, I am still dealing with that sore throat and reduced appetite. I looked around and it seems to be a side effect of dehydration. So I've upped my water content to 4L a day and it seems to be doing some good at the moment. No gym again obviously, even though I'm really itching to get back in there, I have to listen to my body throughout the process to succeed at it!

600ml of OJ
Kale chips
3 persimmons
Massive salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shopping for fruit: How much a week?

One big question for raw vegans is how much to eat? How does one plan shopping to never run out of ripe yummy fruit?

On a daily basis at the moment I am eating 2000 cals, but the optimal amount would be 2500-3000. I'm slowing working my way up to eating that much. It really all depends on your fitness level, but optimally you should be eating 10g of carbs per kilo of body weight. (to figure out your weight in kilos, just divide it by 2.2 if you're using lbs). The more you eat, the more energy you will have and the fitter you will be. Your health will improve and you will feel so much better than you ever thought possible, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

As for shopping I'll give you an example of what my stash looks like atmo.

On the counter: Cavendish bananas, red bananas, raw flax crackers, royal gala apples, pomegranates, sangria watermelon, green avocado, pineapples.
 In the bins:grapefruit, lemons and limes, mandarins, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, avocado, persimmons and dates!
In the fridge: half a case cavendish bananas(they don't ripen much when refrigerated, so I take them out as I go), half a case juicing oranges, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, other various veggies. 

So my strategy involves buying cases of bananas and juicing oranges about every week and a half. The rest I buy as I go, usually shopping 1-2 times a week. The key is to experiment with how much you'll need, and striking a balance between too much and too little. I also share some of this with my mum and littlest brother, whom I live with :)

So todayyyy:

No exercise again. Had a sore throat (I've had serious issues with my tonsils in the past and so this is completely expected during detox for me) and mucus. Although I really must say I can't wait to feel better so that I can go to the gym! 

500ml OJ
650ml Banana-Rasp Smoothie
almost half of a 17lbs Sangria watermelon
Massive salad (2 heads of lettuce, one large tomato and a small avo, although my littlest brother ate most of that lol)

Till Tomorrow!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Detoxification: Oh joyyyyy.

Detox is something that we must all go through. Today was a reminder of that! Symptoms: achy feeling, mood swings, bad breath, cravings, no appetite. I know how much it's worth it though, so I'm pushing through the last moments of the day and heading to bed early. Day 5 raw! That's definitely something to celebrate despite the detox joys!

The longest I had been 100% before now was 7 days when I first started raw, much different than the raw lifestyle I'm living now as I hadn't read 80-10-10 yet. (Side note: best book to buy on beign a raw vegan!) After that stint I went on and off it for periods of time, doing 3 day stints now and again and then my 5 day OJ fast. Then I went the progressive way, which has led me to where I am now! For the longest time I was eating fruit for breakfast and lunch and cooked for supper. In my personal experience, it's definitely the way to go! You'll know when you're ready for the next step.

So today:

No exercise again, not much energy for it given the detox intensity

750ml OJ
6 x-large bananas
large salad

Definitely did not eat enough today, which probably contributed to my energy levels as well. Just saw persimmons on sale though!!Going to purchase me a few boxes tomorrow! I also think I really haven't been giving myself enough variety, will be working on that in the next week.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Taking care... of sleeping goooooddd.

A good night's sleep is so vtally important to maintaining good health! I went to bed much later than usual on sunday because I went out for Halloween, yet still woke up at my usual 7AM. So the last 2 days have seen me tired and off schedule. I was never one to sleep well, or much for that matter. I was the one up till 4am and only waking up after 1030, and that's being generous! My sleep was always very precious, and I always woke up feeling groggy and unrested. No worst way IMO to start off a day then already tired!

So the past few months, with the help of some jetlag from South Africa, I've been getting up at a normal hour, latest being 8:30. And I'm usually sleeping before 11:30. I like to get a minimum of 8 hours, although that doesn't always happen. I've been making it more and more of a priority to get to sleep eaarly. Also helps me procrastinate less because I know that if I do, it's my sleep that will be affected.

Sleep should be as much of a priority as diet and exercise, because its the time that your body heals and recuperates. So invest in a good firm mattress and turn off any light that will prevent you from sleeping deeply! Get some nice Zzzzzzzzz people!!


Play and took the stairs, not much but something is better than nothing!

750ml Orange juice
10 dates
3 x-large bananas
6 clementines
Tomato-zucchini salad with a touch of tahini
Handful of kelp chips

YAYYY for another 100% raw dayyy :) I really feel like I've got it now. Happinesssss.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Taking care.... of listening to your body.

Most of the time, in our modern world, when our bodies are telling us there is something not so right, we respond by filling it with chemicals that will do nothing but hide the uncomfortable symptoms. When those symptoms are telling us to slowww down and rest to let our bodies do the work it was meant to! Since becoming vegan, and now being very high raw, I've barely had a cold. When I have had one, it lasts less than 3 days and doesn't stop me from going on with my day. So the key to healthy lives without annoying colds and viruses? Eat more fruit!! :D

We've been conditioned into thinking that a magic pill exists that will make all our health issues go away. This is mostly due to the fact that facing the consequences of our indulgences in many things like meat, dairy and alcohol, etc isn't something that most people want to do. So we spend so much money treating illnesses that were preventable, instead of preventing them in the first place through diet and lifestyle. And yes I'm saying that you can prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others through DIET and LIFESTYLE.

Today, I didn't get enough sleep so I wasn't feeling at my best. No gym today, but yet another 100% raw day! I was also craving greens, which is really unusual for me.

700ml Banana Smoothie
Garden salad
A few cups of cherries
2 x-large Bananas
Large salad with tomato and avo

Taking care... of having fun!

Tonight was my Halloween celebration! Got all painted up (yes, painted!) as a devil like creature and had a fun night with some awesome people! It's really important not to seclude yourself just because you live a different lifestyle. Going out is just as fun without the alcohol and drugs, it's all in how you see it and make it your own!

Another awesome 100% day for me as well!! :D

15 mins on treadmill
15 mins on bike
10 mins on rower

800ml Orange juice
1L banana-cherry smoothie
6 x-large bananas

2.5 liters of water

I had an extremely busy day today, and that got me off track of eating consistently. Usually when this happens I realize I'm starving and eat bad food... But today I just had no desire for it. I had bananas instead! It's such an amazing feeling to be at this point in my transition. I started experimenting with the raw diet about 18 months ago, and now I'm at the point where it feels natural and amazing! Even though I'm seriously detoxing, I know now that its a feeling that I should be going through and it really isnt as bad as it was the first time around. My body is also now telling me that it's right. Before I felt like something was wrong, it just wasn't my time. 

I'm taking it one day at a time and enjoying every minute of it.

Stay fruity!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Taking care... of having great days!

Today was an awesome day, I must say! I lounged around in bed for the better part of the morning, something I hadn't done in a very long time, simply because I didn't have the time. I soaked in the inspiration I got at last nights talk and leisurely browse the world of internet. I then played with my baby brother, it's the best kind of exercise anyone can get!

My afternoon on the other hand was busy with customers for Halloween makeup. I can hardly call it work, I love being creative and connecting with people!

Play time!

1L grapefruit juice
1L banana-cherry smoothie
Mango "icecream"
2L water

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy 100% day! Feeling great, although a little detox going on in the form of a headache. I realized that I just have no desire for cooked foods, I think I want them, but then it just doesn't seem all that great when I'm having it.

Tomorrow is another great day filled with opportunities!! Get out there and grab them! :D

Taking care... of staying informed!

So today I'll be posting twice because I got home wayy too late last night.

I went to an awesome talk by long-distance raw runner Tim Vanorden of It was an awesome evening. His concepts and ideas about how to view getting healthy and staying there are refreshing and motivating. He has a audio-book that is similar to his live talk if anyone is interested in listening to it! You won't get inspired, you'll get inflamed!

I think it's important to get as much information about anything you want to experience and then do two things: make up your mind for yourself as to what you agree with and then experiment with different methods to see what works for you! Don't pressure yourself to fit into a mold of someone else's ideas. Take advice and ask questions, but make the final decision based on you.

Yesterday was my last midterm! I am so happy to be out of that energy, it's not exactly a serene time of the year. Problem is I didn't eat consistently enough throughout the day and after my midterm I went straight to the gym.. So when I got home my body was is just eat the first thing you see mode... Unfortunately I was eating leftover pizza before I even realized what I was doing!! Has that ever happened to you?

To live a healthy lifestyle, it's so vital to not make that mistake! Always make sure you have fresh ripe food at your disposal! Its the recipe for success! :) But when it does happen, just brush it off and move on.

20 minutes on bike

Oj and strawberries
1L Banana-cherry smoothie
Vegan Pizza
Veggie soup.

Today is another day!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Taking care.. of not dwelling on the fall, but on getting back up.

Today didn't start off great. Part of my detox includes cramps at that time of the month. It isn't really the pain that bothers me, but the accompanying nausea. So no gym today, although I made an effort to walk more around campus and take more stairs. I also had some fun play time with my 23 month old brother, which always makes me feel better.

Food wasn't as bad as it would've been in the past, but I can't said I did very well.
-OJ/Strawberry usual morning start!
-3 cups blue grapes
-1L Banana-blueberry smoothie
- Bowl of oatmeal
- 3 slices vegan pizza

The best thing to do when you have a less than optimal day is to not dwell on it and most of all don't beat yourself up for slipping up. Just brush your hands off and tomorrow is another day!
So my plan of action at this point is that today is going to be my recuperation day for the week exercise wise, so i'll be going to the gym on Sunday morning.
And having that pizza just cemented my reasons for going gluten-free. It's just not worth the bloating!
It's just a small bump in the road and I will definitely be doing better tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Taking care... of your life.

One thing that I hear much too often from people is that they don't have the time.
How can anyone not have time for their health?

I admit I was one of these people at one time. I simply didn't care. But at least I could admit that. Denial is the worst possible place you can be. When in denial, you are taking away any possibility of improvement. 

My message to people in denial? Get over yourself, and get it done. Stop complaining and use that energy to get healthy instead. Stop making it a chore and make it fun! If any kind of victim attitude comes up, I walk away, or tell the person straight up if I think they can handle it. Harsh? Maybe.

 Making changes is EASY when you stop thinking that its SO difficult! The key to it all? Baby steps aka transitioning. Make small changes for the long run instead of drastic ones for the short term.  AND don't be afraid to ask for help!

Over the past 2 years I have made the baby steps to where I am today. With 50lbs of weight gone and 20 lbs to go I have discovered the path to ultimate health and I am getting there at my own pace. My health has steadily got better and better, although I can't say I never hit a wall. Just keep going!!!

OK, so todayyyy.

23 intense mins on bike (did 8k in 19mins!!)
8 mins vigorous training on Concept Rower.

750ml Banana-Rasp Smoothie
1 cup Raisins
1L mango smoothie
Homemade sushi

I keep forgetting to track my water intake, today was 2.5 liters :)
See ya tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Taking care... of your health.

Day 2!!

Today was indeed a good day.

25 mins interval training on treadmill
15 mins vigorous training on rower.

Very similar to yesterday;
500ml OJ with one cup pureed strawberries
1.5L banana-raspberry smoothie
Vegetable soup.
Leftover roasted potatoes and carrots.

I usually have 4 meals a day, and they never really coincide with traditional meal times. In my opinion, do what works for you. We don't all have conventional schedules and so our meals should be taken when hungry, not when appropriate. 

Training is going really well. I'm enjoying the gym I signed up to. There's always free cardio machines and ample choice at that! Plus everything is shiny and new! Another bonus is the massage chairs they have there, best ones I have ever sit in. They even massage your legs!

I didn't do much physical the rest of the day though. It's midterm season and that means studying all day and writing a gazillion essays. 

Till tomorrow!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Taking care... of you!

Living in our modern societies, we often lose track of living a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. Of keeping ourselves balanced and happy, and most of all of enjoying every second of the gift that is life!

I am no exception to this. I know what my ideal lifestyle is. I am making constant choices that are leading me to it, but I tend to lose perspective sometimes of doing what I can here and now to be the most fit and happy person I can be!

I made a decision on Saturday. I participated in a version of Amazing race at my University and didn't do as well as I had hoped, although e never quit and so the experience was very enriching. It was, to put it figuratively, the slap in the face I needed to get me consistently exercising again. I want to be fit so that I can enjoy activities like hiking and running, or races and scavenger hunts not unlike A-R with ease!

So starting today I ill be entering my daily workouts and meals for the next 30 days. I will be accountable to no one but myself, but making it public will be just that inch more motivation to keep up with it and keep my diet clean and progressing to 100% fruit. I may also do another OJ fast to clean house a bit while I'm at it :)

I'm starting off with just cardio for exercise this week, I'll add strength early next week.

I am going to be totally honest about any pitfalls or issues I'll be having as well as all the accomplishments i'll be proud of. This is going to be raw and honest. No sugar coating. It's the best I find to deal with myself and I hope that it helps someone else as well!!

So today:

20 mins interval training on treadmill
15 mins vigorous rowing on concept rower

500ml OJ with i cup blended strawberries
2 apples
1L banana and raspberry smoothie
Veg pita wrap with hummus
Roasted potatoes and carrots

One thing I always say is that there is no such thing as can't. This is something I was taught from a young age. If you truly want to get healthy and fit, then you can. Today is the time to make that change! Putting it off never works, and besides why wait? The healthiest fittest most amazing you is waiting to be unveiled!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Back to basics: Skin care.

Righty, so lets talk talk about skin care! I used to have really bad acne, from about when I was 13 till at least 17 and continued after that to have issues with acne, normally much more around that time of my cycle but a few now and then in between as well. I was using Proactive at the time and then stopped using it when it mostly went away. But was still using chemical skin products to keep my skin balanced. I actually have typical combination skin, where it could be dry and oily at the same time! Nowadays I only use a very light cleanser on my skin when I do creative makeup (which can be seen on my other blog if your interested, i'll link it below) The rest of my skin is rarely exposed to anything artificial or chemical in the slightest. No suntan lotion, not moisturizer other than pure coconut oil, no abrasive soaps!

To be honest, my skin can still sometimes be oily and all, but it only happens if I decide to have high fat foods or highly acid food and is still much more manageable than ever before. Otherwise, it's better than its ever been! I seem to have more of a healthy glow and I keep a tan much longer. Wayyy less blackheads or pimples of any kind, again only if I've had bad food. Acne is your body detoxing pure and simple!

 Now that I've been mostly staying away from bad foods, my skin is great. I used to never leave the house without foundation, which I wore to conceal acne and a skin condition that cause my skin to redden. I now rarely ever use foundation, simply because I don't need it anymore. The redness in my skin is usually barely noticeable and getting better all the time.  

Overall, the fruity lifestyle is what I have to thank for my skin being amazing. You are what you eat afterall!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Before and After Hair Pics

So this is Before (using hair products, blow dryer and straightener to get my hair looking good) Picture taken 20th March 2011
Annnd this is After Pic, Taken today at work. I rinsed my hair out this morning and didn't do a thing to it! Not even coconut oil :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bye Bye Chemical Hair Products!!

This post might be a tad bit unusual to some because it goes against everything we've been taught about personal hygiene. I have now been 2 months without using shampoo or any kind of cleaner in my hair other than an avo mask and some coconut oil and argan oil to enhance my natural curls and moisturize slightly in the dry Joburg climate and now still in Canada  because the cold is knocking. To be quite honest I was very skeptical going into this, I've always had oily hair and generally only washed my hair twice a week but I thought that my hair would just go so oily without shampoo and that it would essentially be a nightmare. But I'm all for experimenting and since my significant other was the first guinea pig for this one and it seemed to be working very well for him, I told myself that it was definitely worth a try for experiment' sake and also to eliminate more chemicals from my daily life and from my body.

So to my surprise, I don’t think I've ever had nicer hair. My natural curls are more defined and my hair is soft and easy to manage. When I was using shampoos and conditioners as well as many other expensive hair products, my hair would fall flatter and the curls didn’t really stand out at all. I used to blow dry and straighten my hair so that it looked good and it was high maintenance. All that stress on my hair caused it to actually look worse than it can without it all. The damage that all those chemical products does to our hair is quite obvious to me now. It doesn’t really make sense to strip our hair of all its natural oils and then use products to counteract the drying effects of it.  Now All I have to do it rinse it well and massage my scalp every day or every other day and apply a bit of organic cold-pressed coconut oil and let it dry naturally.

 I must say its such a relief that I don’t have to go through the whole process anymore. I used to dread washing my hair because I just didn’t feel like doing it all. Now there's absolutely no issues. I do have to give my hair the occasional Argan oil treatment because I'm in dire need of a haircut and the ends are dry from past chemical processes  but it's just as simple as using coconut oil. It’s nice not to have to spend all that money on hair products as well, more savings for fruit and travelling, what's not to love about that!

The "No poo" movement is actually quite widespread nowadays and more and more people are trying it out. It's different for everyone, with some people going through a transition phase of greasiness but then having the best hair they've ever had and announcing their loyalty to the practice. One thing that cna be used as a transition tool is "washing" the hair with baking soda and water and/or an apple cider vinegar rince as well as the use of coconut or other like oils. :) 

So, who's up for it?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Transitioning and what it means to me :)

One of the biggest questions in the high carb raw world is what is the best way to transition to this new lifestyle and diet. I absolutely believe in a take it day by day pace. I first began experimenting in the whole raw foodist world just over a year ago and I have had a few frustrating moments caused by detox, impatience and a misunderstanding of my body and certain of it's functions.

Detox can be an enemy to anyone going trough a diet change, be it from SAD(standard american diet) to any level of veg or even just including more whole foods to daily meals. This is your body getting rid of toxins that are usually stored in fat or other tissues. And to get rid of them they have to go through your blood system again to get to your eliminating organs and out of your system. This causes symptoms that can be unpleasant and so make the process difficult, more for some then others. If you look at your past lifestyle, most of us have abused our bodies with processed foods, alcohol, drugs and other habits. This takes time to heal and its the main reason why I absolutely believe in transitioning from one step to another at your own pace.  I'd rather someone making small changes and succeeding than have someone try to change it all overnight and fail and thus lose faith in the the process.

My diet at the moment consists of fruit for most of the day and a cooked meal for supper. I also have better and worse days. I also love to cook and experiment in the kitchen and introduce people to the vegan lifestyle, which is one thing that slows my transition to 100% raw as well. But it is a goal of mine, but if it takes me 3 years to get there, then I'm absolutely fine with that because I will get there one day as I believe it to be the healthiest and most ethical lifestyle and its definitely for me. And so, from now on I will be including low fat cooked recipes and things in this blog to basically help spread the word on veganism as well as fruitarianism. They are both part of my life and both very worthy of my attention. Besides since they are both part of my life at the moment, I like to write about them.

So if you are a meat-eater, and you just decide to eat more whole foods and less meat, then you've definitely made a step in the right direction! One step at a time works as long as you have your steps and final goal in mind and you're always progressing then in my opinion you are on the right path. My transition from SAD to veg was easy, it was an informed decision. Besides, there's tons of alternative out there that make the transition easy if you want to keep "meat" in your taste palette for the first while. The best way to do it? Educate yourself! Read books or browse the net for reason the be veg, for scientific research or even just for forums to ask questions and gain knowledge. Also, there are plenty of documentaries and interviews to watch for free on the net. Go at your own pace, for some people the overnight thing works, others it takes longer.

Start now :) Go check out Earthlings for an ethical reason documentary or read The China Study for a scientific take on it.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Eating and Travelling: The Mysterious Ways to Get What you Want.

    So I've been out of Canada for the past 2 months and want to share my experiences travelling as a vegan/fruitarian. Most people think that being veg is a disadvantage whilst exploring the globe and I really have to disagree, it certainly has its advantages and everyone will cater to your specific dietary needs as long as you have the right attitude about it.
    Why most people worry about transitioning to a veg diet today is beyond me because I've never experienced a situation where there truly was nothing I could eat. Restaurants and other establishments will cater to anyone's  dietary needs because they want you as repeat customers, its really that simple. If you ask nicely and inform yourself properly you will get what you want.
  1. Plane food: This is actually quite an advantage to the veg people. All you have to do now to eat a veg/vegan/fruit meal is choose is choose whichever you want when you are booking your ticket online or with your travel agent and yes most airlines have a fruit meal option, just bring extra (just not any more than you can eat because although its more than ok to bring fruit into the aiplane, customs at the other end wont let you go through with it) . Another bonus is that you usually get served first and the quality of the food is generally better than the omnivore stuff from my experience.
  2. Restaurants: Here is where attitude is everything! Any restaurant will be more than happy to cater to you, besides they want you and your party to come back to eat there. Just be specific and above all polite about what it is exactly that you want and don't be afraid to ask questions! If your not sure about a menu item, ask whether there is this or that ingredient in it and if so, ask if they can accommodate you and make it without animal products or a salad with items of your choice. If you're travelling to a country that you arent fluent in their language write down a list of either things you don't ant in your meals or things that you do want while precising that you don't eat animal products. And a trick is if they seem to be giving you a hard time, just say you are allergic, their attitude with change quickly and adjustments will be made :)
  3. Airport food: This one can sometimes be tricky, especially if your at an airport late at night waiting for a delayed flight. There are a few things you can do. One is to bring along some snacks just in case, which in the end will also save you money. If you forget this, then you can basically make due, they'll usually have  some sort of veggie or fruit plate and possibly a granola bar or something that while not ideal will get you feeling not so hungry until the on-board meal.
  4. Hotel accommodations (B&B, all-inclusive…): The best thing for this one is to prepare in advance and do you research.  Most B&B's have no issues accommodating special diets and will do so with pleasure, but you may want to check into some of them that have experience in the matter and you have to be prepared to specifically explain to them what your diet entails, especially being a fruitarian and detailing what a ripe fruit is and how much you really eat. There are websites that detail which all inclusive resorts are best for veg food and fresh fruit, but I would say that the higher the rating, the better your chance of having great food. Again just give them a call in advance and before booking to ensure that you'll be comfortable on your vacation.
  5. Vacationning over at friends and family: This a a great chance to showcase how great vegan food is. If your friends and family aren't familiar with veganism or fruitarianism offer to bring along a dish or to prepare one in their home before the meal. If they are familiar with it just double check with them that there will be food that you can eat there.If you are staying for an extended period of time consider just buying your own food, especially if you are eating mostly raw :)
  6. Self-catering; One of the best options when travelling is booking a room with a fridge or a small kitchen. This enables you to have the majority of your meals your way and it's always fun (imo) to explore the markets and fruit shops in different countries to see whats available and to explore different ingredients and if you travel to an exotic destination, some great local fresh fruit!
  7. All in all, the chances of having issues with veganism or fruitarianism and travelling lie with how prepared you are. If you make the right moves and take it all with a relaxed and friendly attitude people will serve you what you want and do their best to make it a great experience. The whole point of travelling is to explore new cultures and landscapes, so concentrate on your adventure and have fun! A positive outlook will attract to you what you need :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The elixir of life and why the bleep aren't we getting enough of it?

On my way back from South Africa, I had an 11 hour flight to Frankfurt and it really made me realize how  truly chronically dehydrated everyone is!  My co-passenger didn’t get up ONCE to go to the bathroom. To me this is crazy, mostly because of the large contrast between my use and his. I went at least 5 times plus again after I landed. The funny thing is I actually drank a little less than normal because I slept almost half the time. I casually observed the bathroom use after my nap (I was seated at the first row of economy so half the plane had to pass me to go)  and the ratio of passengers to bathroom use was very low even thought there were messages constantly displayed reminding everyone to drink liquids and stretch during the flight to avoid dehydration and uncomfort. Although it mayy seem weird that I was observing bathroom habits, it's really something of an issue in our society and after all I am a sociologist in training!

It's especially worse in planes because the air is so dry and being in that sort of closed environment is taxing on the body (and if you don’t like airplane food, actually a great time to do a little fasting). This means that if you don't drink water on a flight, especially a long one, you will feel worse for wear afterwards and even worse if you add jetlag to the mix. So why not just drink down a few botttles of (free) water in flight and avoid all that?

Although we're constantly reminded that drinking water is vital to good health, most people find it a chore to drink their recommended 8 glasses (or 1.2 liters) a day and frankly even that isn't enough. Everyone has some sort of excuse. But how about this: water is life. It's what we are principally made of and without it we cannot possibly expect to be at the peak of our health! So drinking that water (and really, the only other good source of water is fruit and veg, soft drinks and coffee don't cut it) will make you feel and look healthier, will help you lose weight and improve your everyday life.

Small changes makes big differences and everyone has their own pace to make the changes for better health and everything that comes with it. To help me drink water throughout the day I carry around a metal bottle that I constantly refill, I carry it even when I'm at home. It becomes second nature after a while and now I'm consistantly drinking well over 2 liters a day, On a good day over 3!

So get guzzling people, trust me it's allll worth it!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Avocado Bliss

Well now that was a much too long break from blogging. I really must make it a priority that it doesn't happen again!

Last week, I experimented a bit with the many uses of avocado. Not only is a delicious fruit, it packs some pretty powerful properties that help skin and hair look and feel amazing. In the past, I've used creams and masks and special oils, etc to make my hair look vibrant and beautiful as well as oh-so soft to the touch. I've used harsh shampoos and "conditionners" to maintain that look and keep it clean. I've now been 4 weeks without the use of any shampoo or product in my hair other than organic cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil and the occasional argan oil application. I'll write more about my experience with that in another post (soon :) ) Noww I want to share with you the experience I had with an avocado and lemon hair mask.

The process is extremely simple, if a little messy. But hey, that makes it fun :P I simply mashed (way tooo much) avo with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and a generous splash of water. The exact amount doesnt really matter, go by feel and also with the length and thickness of your hair, just don't use a ton of avo, you shouldnt need more than half of one. I then wrapped my hair in a plastic bag (yay re-using) and then in a towel, the first to retain moisture and the second to keep it warm. Then I sat out in the sun for about 20-25 min. Off to the showet to rinse annnnnnnd I wasnt sure about the results. My hair was absolutely softer and shinier, but still felt greasy. So I think that a second rinse (or if you use shampoo it should be fine from the first wash) was needed and after I did so, my hair felt amazing. Softer than any expensive chemical filled treatment I had ever used before as well.

Next up in this line of experimentation will be a papaya mask, on both hair and face. Mmmmm papaya is one of my all time favorite fruit!

I think the best thing to be taken from this is that 1. avo is awesome. and 2. There is NO need to spend a ton of money on treatments and products with extract of this or that. Simply use the sources of these and you'll get much better results, and your wallet, your skin/hair/body and the planet will love you for it. :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

The Importance of sunlight.

The beautiful sunny weather today inspired me to talk about sunlight. I tend to flock to the outdoors when its sunny out, because the long winters do sap us of essential sun time here in Canada. I'm finally getting some color!

There have been so many controversies over tanning in the past few years. People that abuse the sun and use artificial tanning beds in excess have given our source of many things other than light a bad rep. Stories of terrible skin cancers and such have people slathering on the chemical laden sun screens that are supposed to protect us, but in reality are just as much of a culprit for skin diseases and other toximia caused health problems.

The sun gives us warmth and light. Our bodies actually produce essential Vitamin D when we expose our bare skin to it. This is obviously the best and most optimal source of VitD for us humans. Since very little food contain naturally occurring VitD, its important to get it in the best way possible. VitD is important for optimal calcium absorption and other bone related health. The problem with sun exposure is that since our bodies do use the skin to detoxify through sweat, some of these toxins react to the sunlight and cause disease.

So the solution? Having clean bodies! Getting optimal nutrition from the best sources available: raw live foods. This way you can enjoy the warm sun on your skin, 30mins minimum a day is whats recommended for light skinned people, more if you have beautiful darker skin. This gives us the optimal amount of naturaly created VitD!

So go get your fruit on and soak in the sun!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Blueberry tarts and a Berry Parfait.

I've been enjoying discovering the world of fruitarian un-cooking lately and have fallen in love with two very yummy "desserts". I got both recipes from Easytoberaw's channel on Youtube, she also has a recipe book that you can buy online. :)

The first: Blueberry tarts:

Don't they look A-mazing? Extremely easy to make too!
5-7 Medjool dates
About 1/4 cup of shredded coconut
~1 1/2 cup blueberries
A little bit of water

To make the crust, blend 5 of the medjool dates with the coconut preferably in a food processor and then form little pie crusts with you hands (I roll them into balls and then make a dent in the middle then shape the "walls") Next blend the blueberries and 1-2 dates with a little water to make the filling and fill each crust. Last step is to put them in the fridge to set for a min of 20 mins and enjoy!

Berry Parfait:
2 bananas, frozen
Assorted berries.

Just bend the bananas with water until they have the texture of icecream. Then take a pretty glass (or a big bowl which I did later, and I more than doubled the recipe :P) and layer with your berries of choice.

I think next I'm going to attempt a raw marinara sauce...

Friday, 20 May 2011


So they FINALLY ripened, they take much longer than Cavendish ("normal" bananas). I've had them out on the counter for about a week and a half. I had looked around on the net to find out how to determine if they were ripe and it said it was when they turned more purple than red. Honestly they did get a bit darker, but its more because the stem was getting a bit dry that I figure they were ripe. (they look more brownish on photos, i think its just the camera)

They taste awesome too, less sweet than Cavendish and they do have a slight rasberry taste, although I was a tad bit disappointed to see the banana itself had more of a yellow tinge than a pink one, although it does say that they *sometimes* have a pinkish color. I think I may like them more than conventional nanas... The texture is also lighter. Overall, they are very yummy, although much more expensive than cavendish (these were 1.89 CAD/pound)