Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dusting myself off.

So I went MIA...

I fell off the wagon so to speak, not too badly, but took a tumble nonetheless. I had boiled potatoes yesterday for supper and some vegan sushi this evening. I feel like utter crap and it wasn't even worth it at all. The food was not even close to being satisfying. The rest of the day however, was filled with fruit, at least there's that!

 The only thing it did was numb my terrible pre-menstrual symptoms that made me feel like I was literally going insane. It's a been a recurring issue these last few months and for the life of me I can't figure out why exactly, although I have some thoughts on it.Being in a long distance relationship, this is the only time in the past few years that I haven't had a semi-regular sex life/affection from a partner/close friend and its really the only thing, other than detox, that I can think has changed. I'm so much less stressed out now, so much more zen in everyday life, except when i'm PMS-ing, my anxiety only comes up at this time, whereas it used to be a daily issue. It's like I become a different person!

 I'm going to be taking some herbal tinctures to help me along, because it really is the only reason I ate cooked food. I had no cravings or anything, I just wanted the feeling to go away. And there was only one thing I knew that would do that. So back to fruity goodness tomorrow. I'm not enjoying the aftermath feelings of the cooked food at all, my digestion is off, I've got a light case of brain fog, I'm dehydrated, slightly grumpy and I just want to go to bed. So as much as I have tons of things to do, that I was supposed to do over the weekend, I'm off to sleepland after a liter or two of water. I'll be getting up bright and early to start the week afresh and rested!

I think a positive outcome to all this is that I know now that I'm really ready to be 100% raw. There is nothing out there that makes me feel better, even with the detox symptoms! It's really not that difficult to understand now. After this PMS thing is fixed, it'll be smooth sailing form here on out, or it'll be much easier to remind myself of this weekend and how I felt and I'll stay on this beautiful fruity path forevermore! Cooked food is just dead stuff that just doesn't fulfill my needs of pure living fresh food!

Till Tomorrow!

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