Monday, 21 November 2011

Back on the wagon and a Rawk'n Recipe!

Ahhhhhh feels so good to be fruittyyyyy. Reallly. Once you go fruit, there is no turning back. The feeling of a clean body is just irreplaceable, and then when your taste buds change, you know when you are eating dead foods, they just lose their appeal.

I also ate a load today, well more than I had been lately and actually what I should be eating daily aka 2500 calories. I figured out a way to get in more earlier in the day.I've alwayyys had issues with eating in the morning. It was never a habit of mine. So what I did today was make myself 2L of citrus juice (9 large grapefruit and 9 medium oranges) and BAM 1000 cals! Then I packed in a 8 nana smoothie with peaches, in 2 "sittings" and voila! 2000 cals. Then my lovely salad of the evening, which I'll share with you in a sec, paked in my last 500 cals and completed my day.

Raw Taco Salad!
*Side note" While this does have non 811 ingredients(spices), it's nice as a occasional/transitional thing and if you consume enough fruit in the day with no other overts, it can keep you under 10% fat as long as you don't over do it on the nuts and avo, like for me it got me to exactly 10%*

Raw Taco "filling"
Sundried Tomatoes
2 Limes worth of Juice
Taco Seasoning (Use a salt-free version)

Cashew Sour cream (optional)(just google for a recipe!)

2 large tomatoes
1/4 medium avocado
1 Head of lettuce

For the measurements of the taco"filling", a whole recipe calls for 1 cup of whole walnuts to 1/3 cup of sundried tomatoes, add seasoning to taste. You can certainly adjust these measurements to your taste. I think that next time ill be upping the sundried tomatoes and lessening the walnuts. 

I used less than 1/4 cup of the walnut mixture for one salad

Assemble to your pleasing! 

I had a salad thief come visit me...
But he was much too cute to deny! 

I also got some exercise in at home, just some squats and such to get myself moving. 

Till' Tomorrow!! Stay fruity ;)


  1. Thanks Jules! Oh, and thank YOU for being an awesome inspiration ;)