Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Taking care... of sleeping goooooddd.

A good night's sleep is so vtally important to maintaining good health! I went to bed much later than usual on sunday because I went out for Halloween, yet still woke up at my usual 7AM. So the last 2 days have seen me tired and off schedule. I was never one to sleep well, or much for that matter. I was the one up till 4am and only waking up after 1030, and that's being generous! My sleep was always very precious, and I always woke up feeling groggy and unrested. No worst way IMO to start off a day then already tired!

So the past few months, with the help of some jetlag from South Africa, I've been getting up at a normal hour, latest being 8:30. And I'm usually sleeping before 11:30. I like to get a minimum of 8 hours, although that doesn't always happen. I've been making it more and more of a priority to get to sleep eaarly. Also helps me procrastinate less because I know that if I do, it's my sleep that will be affected.

Sleep should be as much of a priority as diet and exercise, because its the time that your body heals and recuperates. So invest in a good firm mattress and turn off any light that will prevent you from sleeping deeply! Get some nice Zzzzzzzzz people!!


Play and took the stairs, not much but something is better than nothing!

750ml Orange juice
10 dates
3 x-large bananas
6 clementines
Tomato-zucchini salad with a touch of tahini
Handful of kelp chips

YAYYY for another 100% raw dayyy :) I really feel like I've got it now. Happinesssss.

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