Monday, 31 October 2011

Taking care.... of listening to your body.

Most of the time, in our modern world, when our bodies are telling us there is something not so right, we respond by filling it with chemicals that will do nothing but hide the uncomfortable symptoms. When those symptoms are telling us to slowww down and rest to let our bodies do the work it was meant to! Since becoming vegan, and now being very high raw, I've barely had a cold. When I have had one, it lasts less than 3 days and doesn't stop me from going on with my day. So the key to healthy lives without annoying colds and viruses? Eat more fruit!! :D

We've been conditioned into thinking that a magic pill exists that will make all our health issues go away. This is mostly due to the fact that facing the consequences of our indulgences in many things like meat, dairy and alcohol, etc isn't something that most people want to do. So we spend so much money treating illnesses that were preventable, instead of preventing them in the first place through diet and lifestyle. And yes I'm saying that you can prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many others through DIET and LIFESTYLE.

Today, I didn't get enough sleep so I wasn't feeling at my best. No gym today, but yet another 100% raw day! I was also craving greens, which is really unusual for me.

700ml Banana Smoothie
Garden salad
A few cups of cherries
2 x-large Bananas
Large salad with tomato and avo

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