Tuesday, 4 June 2013

JUNE GOALS: Attracting Abundance.

Somehow, its' June already. Time flies!

I am restarting my monthly goals, having gotten through most of the havoc of a long-distance move, I now have regained some balance that will enable me to get back to it!

First off,I want to talk about attracting abundance into our lives. It's something that I've been forgetting to do and want to get back into the groove, so to speak. 

My interpretation of attracting abundance has a lot to do with positive thinking and changing thought patterns into plentiful thoughts instead of lacking thoughts. What I mean by this is to look at a situation from a new perspective,a positive one. As an example, instead of making an expense/income sheet to track your finances, call it an abundance track record. Instead of seeing road blocks, see opportunities for growth. 

Think of what you can do instead of what you can't, and things will start changing.

Now onto this month's goals!

1. This one is twofold, keeping up with my caloric intake (min 2,500 cals) and drinking 3 liters of water a day. Since I've been in Toronto, I've been out and about a lot more and have been having issues keeping up wit both of those. It's something that I really have to constantly keep focusing on or I slip up,especially when my schedule changes.

2. 30 minutes of meditation a day, no exceptions. This is getting easier since my commute is over 30 minutes most days. I find that meditating on the bus, subway or streetcar makes sense since I commute alone and would just be listening to music or an audio book anyways. 

3. Run a minimum of 15 kilometers a week. This means a minimum of 3x a week. Also, on top of this I want to revitalize the rest of my training regiment,which has been more or less consistent, but not organized at all. Rock-climbing, running, lifting and swimming are my focuses right now. 

4. Actually get my YouTube channel going. One video minimum.

5. Always keep up with my to do list. I find that having one that is always up to date keeps me charging forward. This way I can clearly keep all my goals in mind and have a reminder that I wanted to do them. I'm notorious for having not-so great short term memory, this means I have to find means to overcome it to stay on top of my dreams. 

Now hopefully we will actually be having some summer weather this month!

Keep it fruity :)