Friday, 29 April 2011

What I've learnt over the past week :)

So yesterday was day 5, also the day my body decided that it didn't want anything to do with OJ anymore, so I did a 24 hour water fast to end off my cleanse, although I don't usually like the whole water fast idea, this was a totally natural move because it's what my body decided. I obviously mostly stayed in bed and lounged around all day, giving myself the total rest I felt I needed.

I did drink a ton of water though, I'm guestimating 6 Liters total, but I wasnt really keeping track, I just kept drinking and drinking and drinking. (A few years ago this would have never referenced to water!)

So The awesome things I got out of cleansing this way: less bloating, clearer skin, clear mind, more energy, getting into the habit (again) of drinking more water, better digestion (so far anyways), no more brain fog, much better mood... I'm sure I haven't felt all the benefits just yet since I'm just easing into to eating solids again. (I've had a whole watermelon today so far) But I do have to say, it makes one appreciate a variety of food sooo much.

I'm also back on the fruity wagon! There is nothing better than amazing fresh juicy fruit!

Another reason I decided to stop the fast today is because I'll be doing my first 5k on Sunday, and accomplishing that undercarbed would be suicide. So I'm carbing today and tomorrow to be ready for an awesome day! Sunday is also the Ottawa Veg fest, which I missed last year!

Have a great weekend!!! :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

DAY 4. More than halfway through!!

Ok so today did not start of as well as the others, woke up nauseous and just wanted to stay in bed, so I did! Listening to my body is of utmost importance to cleansing, although one thing to ignore if not being thirsty, must drink up! The nausea is just detox, my body is releasing toxins and it's not an easy process!

Otherwise the day was decent, although I really didn't do much. Just ran a few errands (getting stocked up with fruit so that it's ripe by sunday!)  Exercise didn't happen either. I must say I'm really anticipating being able to have variety back food wise! Energy wise it was absolutely a lazy day, just one of those days you want to snuggle in bed all day.

I've just signed up to do my first 5k on Sunday! It will mostly be walked since my exercise habits have gone down the drain lately... But it's a first step plus its for a good cause!

Bed Time!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

And continuing onto Day 3.

Alrigthy, so today started off good, but I must say it's been a difficult evening. This is when determination comes in handy to get through until bed time! I've had salt cravings again, although no headache :) Also had dry mouth, which is weird to me since I'm taking in ALOT of liquids, but also could just be from chronic dehydration, which most people nowadays have.

Si I got 3.5 liters in again today, with 3 liters of water. Tomorrow i plan to up the OJ to 4 liters minimum. It's really important to keep it up because if not then you actually get hungry, which isnt very conductive to the whole thing since cravings can be your worst enemy. Wait not not can be, they really are.  So keep up the OJ!

I also did a nice 30 mins of yoga to stretch out and get moving a little. Sweating helps release even more toxins, which is the whole point of doing a cleanse.Keeping a positive attitude is still easy, good sign that all is well :P

Let's see what tomorrow brings :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Cleansing day 2!

And so day 2 comes to an end. Today was less cravings than yesterday weirdly enough, just a short moment of wanting raw marinara.. which I've never made. (I was browsing a raw forum and it came up, so im not going back on there today!)
I had a bit less juice today, only 3.5 liters, but think im gonna pound back another 500ml before going to bed. And still kept up with 3 liters of water! I can feeeeelll the toxins being released, it's awesome.
Detox symptoms? Just a slight weird stomach feeling and a bit of a headache around the same time as yesterday.
No exercise today, just spending time with family. Since I haven't done a proper cleanse in a while, I'm not pushing too much for hardcore training so that my body doesn't decide to revolt, but I am planning a nice bike ride tomorrow, just running some business errands and such.
We actually had Easter family supper tonight, well I had a liter of OJ, they ate. Actually didn't phase me much which I'm very happy for! Well it "helped" that the smell of cooking carcass was just putting me wayyyy off of any sort of appetite.
Keeping it strong for day 3!

Cleansing day Numero Uno.

It's that time of year again, the one here everyone is thinking about cleaning out and starting anew, SPRING!  And so I'm taking this opportunity to cleanse my body, give it a little break after having put it through some tough times, mainly school stress, lacking exercise, etc etc.

And so I've decided to go the orange juice cleanse way. 7 days of homemade fresh orange juice, lots of water and some hardcore determination to get rid of food addictions and give time for my body to heal damage caused by a bad past lifestyle. Also a great way to get myself back onto the fruit wagon!

SO today being day 1, I've had 4 liters of orange juice(about 30 oranges) and 3 liters of water. And yes, frequent trips to the washroom are part of the game.

This is my supply for about 4 days :D :D Looks yummmyyyyy :)

I'd say there's about 130 oranges total. It's funny too cause the guy at the store looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted 2 cases! Wonder what he would've done had i bought all 3 cases that I actually need for my weeklong affair with oranges...

 So let's talk serious things now: detox effects for day one. Just a slight headache and a strong craving for salt, but my stubbornness is taking care of that affecting my resolve. Another point: this isnt for weight loss, of course it's usually a welcome side effect but the whole point to this is to clean out toxins so that afterwards it's easier to eat a clean diet and easier to get back into shape.

 As for exercise, just an hour light walk, runnind a few errands and soaking in some much needed Vit D.

Sleep is very important in normal circumstances, but when "fasting" it's a key element to detoxifying your body! So i'm off for a good 8 hours!