Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Better late than never: April 2013 Review.

Better late than never!

These past few weeks have been quite busy I must say, which is why this post is much later than usual, as well as the reason I haven't been posting much. Having exams and a move to a different city at the same time was crazy, to say the least. Most of everything else kind of stayed on the sidelines, including my April goals.

Let's start with food as usual, I stayed raw for the grand majority of the month, but with so many things changing, I did fall off the 100% raw wagon. I think that I made the right decision for me at the time, beign under a ton of stress, I needed to not have to worry about precise planning for food. That being said I did still stay very high raw, and I kept all my cooked food simple, with a few exceptions, mainly potatoes and rice with steamed vegetables. I am still having some cooked food at the moment, still getting a feel for the the city and getting my rotation and planning organized. I have plans to go back to 100% ASAP though, for that is where I feel at my best! 108 days ain't too shabby considering I had set myself up for 90 and my previous "record" had been 34. I am quite proud of myself, I must say.

Now for the less than great accomplishments, exercise-wise, it was mostly a flop. I did stay generally active, but otherwise didn't keep up with the training that I need to be doing. That is being remedied as we speak, more on that in my (late) May goals.

I have been getting much better with sleep! My days we're spent reading, packing, studying, writing exams and papers, so at the end of the day I was exhausted. Which helped with me keeping up a decent sleeping schedule through exams, so that I could perform at my best. It seems to have stuck too, right now I'm going to bed around 12 and waking up around 8.

Meditation I also kept up with pretty decently, I made sure to always be meditating when commuting and as study breaks. Towards the end of the month I was doing it much less, since deadlines and going away parties kept me constantly distracted.

The biggest fail this month was definitely my YouTube channel. I was silly to think that it would have feasible at that point, but it being something that I really want to accomplish, I thought I might be able to squeeze it in somewhere. Once we are all settled in here, I will have a better setup and no excuses not to.

Looks like I will be writing quite a bit this week though, with May goals ad having just setup up the beginnings of a balcony garden, I have tons to share!

As much as April wasn't my best month so far when looking at these posts, I think that I learned a lot though failing, which will help me out next time life gets hectic.

Keep it fruity!