Monday, 25 April 2011

Cleansing day 2!

And so day 2 comes to an end. Today was less cravings than yesterday weirdly enough, just a short moment of wanting raw marinara.. which I've never made. (I was browsing a raw forum and it came up, so im not going back on there today!)
I had a bit less juice today, only 3.5 liters, but think im gonna pound back another 500ml before going to bed. And still kept up with 3 liters of water! I can feeeeelll the toxins being released, it's awesome.
Detox symptoms? Just a slight weird stomach feeling and a bit of a headache around the same time as yesterday.
No exercise today, just spending time with family. Since I haven't done a proper cleanse in a while, I'm not pushing too much for hardcore training so that my body doesn't decide to revolt, but I am planning a nice bike ride tomorrow, just running some business errands and such.
We actually had Easter family supper tonight, well I had a liter of OJ, they ate. Actually didn't phase me much which I'm very happy for! Well it "helped" that the smell of cooking carcass was just putting me wayyyy off of any sort of appetite.
Keeping it strong for day 3!

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