Monday, 25 April 2011

Cleansing day Numero Uno.

It's that time of year again, the one here everyone is thinking about cleaning out and starting anew, SPRING!  And so I'm taking this opportunity to cleanse my body, give it a little break after having put it through some tough times, mainly school stress, lacking exercise, etc etc.

And so I've decided to go the orange juice cleanse way. 7 days of homemade fresh orange juice, lots of water and some hardcore determination to get rid of food addictions and give time for my body to heal damage caused by a bad past lifestyle. Also a great way to get myself back onto the fruit wagon!

SO today being day 1, I've had 4 liters of orange juice(about 30 oranges) and 3 liters of water. And yes, frequent trips to the washroom are part of the game.

This is my supply for about 4 days :D :D Looks yummmyyyyy :)

I'd say there's about 130 oranges total. It's funny too cause the guy at the store looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted 2 cases! Wonder what he would've done had i bought all 3 cases that I actually need for my weeklong affair with oranges...

 So let's talk serious things now: detox effects for day one. Just a slight headache and a strong craving for salt, but my stubbornness is taking care of that affecting my resolve. Another point: this isnt for weight loss, of course it's usually a welcome side effect but the whole point to this is to clean out toxins so that afterwards it's easier to eat a clean diet and easier to get back into shape.

 As for exercise, just an hour light walk, runnind a few errands and soaking in some much needed Vit D.

Sleep is very important in normal circumstances, but when "fasting" it's a key element to detoxifying your body! So i'm off for a good 8 hours!

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