Wednesday, 27 April 2011

And continuing onto Day 3.

Alrigthy, so today started off good, but I must say it's been a difficult evening. This is when determination comes in handy to get through until bed time! I've had salt cravings again, although no headache :) Also had dry mouth, which is weird to me since I'm taking in ALOT of liquids, but also could just be from chronic dehydration, which most people nowadays have.

Si I got 3.5 liters in again today, with 3 liters of water. Tomorrow i plan to up the OJ to 4 liters minimum. It's really important to keep it up because if not then you actually get hungry, which isnt very conductive to the whole thing since cravings can be your worst enemy. Wait not not can be, they really are.  So keep up the OJ!

I also did a nice 30 mins of yoga to stretch out and get moving a little. Sweating helps release even more toxins, which is the whole point of doing a cleanse.Keeping a positive attitude is still easy, good sign that all is well :P

Let's see what tomorrow brings :)

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