Thursday, 28 April 2011

DAY 4. More than halfway through!!

Ok so today did not start of as well as the others, woke up nauseous and just wanted to stay in bed, so I did! Listening to my body is of utmost importance to cleansing, although one thing to ignore if not being thirsty, must drink up! The nausea is just detox, my body is releasing toxins and it's not an easy process!

Otherwise the day was decent, although I really didn't do much. Just ran a few errands (getting stocked up with fruit so that it's ripe by sunday!)  Exercise didn't happen either. I must say I'm really anticipating being able to have variety back food wise! Energy wise it was absolutely a lazy day, just one of those days you want to snuggle in bed all day.

I've just signed up to do my first 5k on Sunday! It will mostly be walked since my exercise habits have gone down the drain lately... But it's a first step plus its for a good cause!

Bed Time!

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