Friday, 29 April 2011

What I've learnt over the past week :)

So yesterday was day 5, also the day my body decided that it didn't want anything to do with OJ anymore, so I did a 24 hour water fast to end off my cleanse, although I don't usually like the whole water fast idea, this was a totally natural move because it's what my body decided. I obviously mostly stayed in bed and lounged around all day, giving myself the total rest I felt I needed.

I did drink a ton of water though, I'm guestimating 6 Liters total, but I wasnt really keeping track, I just kept drinking and drinking and drinking. (A few years ago this would have never referenced to water!)

So The awesome things I got out of cleansing this way: less bloating, clearer skin, clear mind, more energy, getting into the habit (again) of drinking more water, better digestion (so far anyways), no more brain fog, much better mood... I'm sure I haven't felt all the benefits just yet since I'm just easing into to eating solids again. (I've had a whole watermelon today so far) But I do have to say, it makes one appreciate a variety of food sooo much.

I'm also back on the fruity wagon! There is nothing better than amazing fresh juicy fruit!

Another reason I decided to stop the fast today is because I'll be doing my first 5k on Sunday, and accomplishing that undercarbed would be suicide. So I'm carbing today and tomorrow to be ready for an awesome day! Sunday is also the Ottawa Veg fest, which I missed last year!

Have a great weekend!!! :)

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