Monday, 2 May 2011

Nothing better than a job well done.

The past while has had a definite theme for me: getting things done and started that I have been meaning/wanting/dreaming to do for a while now that are physical health related

This weekend I completed a 5k walk in 40 mins, which may not be the best time or the longest distance but it is a start to a new habit, an achievement of a goal. Exercise is so vitaly important to a good healthy life and most of us see it as a chore! I believe that finding the right fit for you is vital to looking forward to your next workout, and it might change over time. I've done the gym, classes, sports teams, videos, yoga, and walking. My favorites are videos and now jogging and biking! That'll probably change again. But I know one thing. There is always time to exercise, to keep healthy.

Another sore subject is diet. I am a proud vegan for many reasons. One of them is health. There are a million scientific reasons and a debate on this can go on forever. My simplest proof is personal experience and that of others I know. Increased health and vitality, weight loss, more energy and more. There are many sources for information, my personal go to's are: The China Study, Skinny Bitch and 80/10/10. These books are basically really sold me on the vegan lifestyle, health-wise.

I am proud to be a raw foodist as well. I've never felt better! The energetic vibe of the low fat raw vegan or fruitarian lifestyle is crazy wonderful. I was quite skeptical about it at first, but i'll talk about that in another post.

Now to finish watching the elections results!

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