Friday, 13 May 2011

A list: Some of the wonderfull fruit I am REALLY curious to eat!

 Acai: This fruit has had alot of hype surrounding it and is sold in powder, liquid and pill form but I have yet to see it fresh! I've had the liquid stuff and it's quite tasty, but definitely not ideal and the next time I have it will be fresh sometime down the road (its supposedly doesn't transport very well fresh so I may just have to go to Brazil) One thing: I absolutely do not support the whole super-foods hype, this is just a fruit that looks like it tastes great in its unaltered form.
 Black sapote: Otherwise known as teh chocolate fruit, it has the same color, texture and taste as chocolate pudding! Yum.
 Custard Apple: The cousin of the cherimoya and sugar apple, both which are amazingly yummy and available here. The custard apple has a heart shape and tastes as it name states, like custard.
 Durian: Famous for it's less than appetizing smell, I've had durian that had been frozen and wasn't too keen for it, the taste and texture are amazing (sweet and creamy) but my body was too conflicted on the smell vs the taste. Many rave that it's much better fresh, so i'll probably give it another try.
 Mangosteen: Ok so I've had this one (the purple variety)many many times but I HAD to mention it because it's the best fruit I've ever tasted. Called teh queen of fruit it has a particular taste and texture, kindof like a cross of a grape and a mango with a twist. (You can get it frozen year round and fresh when in season at Asian Markets) I'd really love to try the other varieties.

Marang: Definitely an interesting looking fruit, it's said to smell pleasant and is a cousin of the jack-fruit.
 Star Apple: I basically want to eat any fruit that has starry features just because I like stars :) Grows exclusively in areas of Florida and Hawaii
Rambutan: Again a fruit I've had, they're funny looking but basically taste like a lychee they are just more fun to look at!

Ice Cream Bean: Said to taste like Vanilla Ice cream, creamy pulp that surrounds seeds and the plant is native to Brazil.

There are many other fruits that I want to try (and probably a million more that I haven't even heard of yet!) That's the beauty of fruit, how can you ever get bored of it when there are always many more kinds to taste and explore!?

I've also just picked up a variety of banana's I've never tried before! (they're red) I'll post a full "review" on them once they're ripe!

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