Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy Fruitarian Day!!!

So today is the official International Fruitarian Day, celebrating fruit lovers all over the world!

So I'm sure the question is: why fruitarianism?

The fruity lifestyle is all about vibrant health and care for other life. I eat fruit to be healthy, to have a clean body and mind. The toxins that are present in a SAD(Standard American Diet)  tire our bodies and lead to cancers, heart disease and other forms of toxemia. In a 100% fruit lifestyle (that which I am striving for), when you buy organic produce, there are no or trace amounts, of toxins that are introduced within our diets. That way our bodies are clean and function optimally, leading to higher energy and to better fitness. There are tons of stories of people having cured disease, lost weight and become the healthy vibrant individuals we should all be!

Since beginning on this path, I've noticed a huge change, I've lost weight, I've so much more energy. I am becoming the athlete I used to be as a teenager. I have a clearer mind, I can deal with issues with ease, things I didn't want to face before. Is it difficult? Well to be completely honest, it definitely isn't easy. Going through Detox after years of abusing our bodies is easy for some, and more difficult for others. But it is worth it's weight in ripe papayas (or gold, whichever you deem more valuable :P).If you want any more info, just message me! I'd more than happy to talk about it with you :P

So Today of all days, have some yummy juicy fruit and celebrate good health!! I know I will!

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