Monday, 30 May 2011

The Importance of sunlight.

The beautiful sunny weather today inspired me to talk about sunlight. I tend to flock to the outdoors when its sunny out, because the long winters do sap us of essential sun time here in Canada. I'm finally getting some color!

There have been so many controversies over tanning in the past few years. People that abuse the sun and use artificial tanning beds in excess have given our source of many things other than light a bad rep. Stories of terrible skin cancers and such have people slathering on the chemical laden sun screens that are supposed to protect us, but in reality are just as much of a culprit for skin diseases and other toximia caused health problems.

The sun gives us warmth and light. Our bodies actually produce essential Vitamin D when we expose our bare skin to it. This is obviously the best and most optimal source of VitD for us humans. Since very little food contain naturally occurring VitD, its important to get it in the best way possible. VitD is important for optimal calcium absorption and other bone related health. The problem with sun exposure is that since our bodies do use the skin to detoxify through sweat, some of these toxins react to the sunlight and cause disease.

So the solution? Having clean bodies! Getting optimal nutrition from the best sources available: raw live foods. This way you can enjoy the warm sun on your skin, 30mins minimum a day is whats recommended for light skinned people, more if you have beautiful darker skin. This gives us the optimal amount of naturaly created VitD!

So go get your fruit on and soak in the sun!

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