Friday, 20 May 2011


So they FINALLY ripened, they take much longer than Cavendish ("normal" bananas). I've had them out on the counter for about a week and a half. I had looked around on the net to find out how to determine if they were ripe and it said it was when they turned more purple than red. Honestly they did get a bit darker, but its more because the stem was getting a bit dry that I figure they were ripe. (they look more brownish on photos, i think its just the camera)

They taste awesome too, less sweet than Cavendish and they do have a slight rasberry taste, although I was a tad bit disappointed to see the banana itself had more of a yellow tinge than a pink one, although it does say that they *sometimes* have a pinkish color. I think I may like them more than conventional nanas... The texture is also lighter. Overall, they are very yummy, although much more expensive than cavendish (these were 1.89 CAD/pound)

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