Thursday, 27 October 2011

Taking care.. of not dwelling on the fall, but on getting back up.

Today didn't start off great. Part of my detox includes cramps at that time of the month. It isn't really the pain that bothers me, but the accompanying nausea. So no gym today, although I made an effort to walk more around campus and take more stairs. I also had some fun play time with my 23 month old brother, which always makes me feel better.

Food wasn't as bad as it would've been in the past, but I can't said I did very well.
-OJ/Strawberry usual morning start!
-3 cups blue grapes
-1L Banana-blueberry smoothie
- Bowl of oatmeal
- 3 slices vegan pizza

The best thing to do when you have a less than optimal day is to not dwell on it and most of all don't beat yourself up for slipping up. Just brush your hands off and tomorrow is another day!
So my plan of action at this point is that today is going to be my recuperation day for the week exercise wise, so i'll be going to the gym on Sunday morning.
And having that pizza just cemented my reasons for going gluten-free. It's just not worth the bloating!
It's just a small bump in the road and I will definitely be doing better tomorrow!!

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