Saturday, 15 October 2011

Back to basics: Skin care.

Righty, so lets talk talk about skin care! I used to have really bad acne, from about when I was 13 till at least 17 and continued after that to have issues with acne, normally much more around that time of my cycle but a few now and then in between as well. I was using Proactive at the time and then stopped using it when it mostly went away. But was still using chemical skin products to keep my skin balanced. I actually have typical combination skin, where it could be dry and oily at the same time! Nowadays I only use a very light cleanser on my skin when I do creative makeup (which can be seen on my other blog if your interested, i'll link it below) The rest of my skin is rarely exposed to anything artificial or chemical in the slightest. No suntan lotion, not moisturizer other than pure coconut oil, no abrasive soaps!

To be honest, my skin can still sometimes be oily and all, but it only happens if I decide to have high fat foods or highly acid food and is still much more manageable than ever before. Otherwise, it's better than its ever been! I seem to have more of a healthy glow and I keep a tan much longer. Wayyy less blackheads or pimples of any kind, again only if I've had bad food. Acne is your body detoxing pure and simple!

 Now that I've been mostly staying away from bad foods, my skin is great. I used to never leave the house without foundation, which I wore to conceal acne and a skin condition that cause my skin to redden. I now rarely ever use foundation, simply because I don't need it anymore. The redness in my skin is usually barely noticeable and getting better all the time.  

Overall, the fruity lifestyle is what I have to thank for my skin being amazing. You are what you eat afterall!!

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