Monday, 3 October 2011

Before and After Hair Pics

So this is Before (using hair products, blow dryer and straightener to get my hair looking good) Picture taken 20th March 2011
Annnd this is After Pic, Taken today at work. I rinsed my hair out this morning and didn't do a thing to it! Not even coconut oil :)


  1. Wow Tash, thanks so much for sharing. How inspirational. The texture is completely different, more like its "wet" or properly hydrated and curly. The new look also looks wild and natural.

    I can also see the difference in on your skin. In the bottom photo your skin is brighter or little more brown, is that the South-African sunshine ?

    Miss you! Cant wait to see you again.



  2. Your welcome Jules!! It's definitely much better all round IMO.

    My skin has been amazing these past few months. rarely any belmishes.. I'll write a whole post about all that soon! :)

    I cant wait to see you either!! Will prob be around from dec 16th-ish to jan 3rd :)

    Lots of love,