Saturday, 29 October 2011

Taking care... of staying informed!

So today I'll be posting twice because I got home wayy too late last night.

I went to an awesome talk by long-distance raw runner Tim Vanorden of It was an awesome evening. His concepts and ideas about how to view getting healthy and staying there are refreshing and motivating. He has a audio-book that is similar to his live talk if anyone is interested in listening to it! You won't get inspired, you'll get inflamed!

I think it's important to get as much information about anything you want to experience and then do two things: make up your mind for yourself as to what you agree with and then experiment with different methods to see what works for you! Don't pressure yourself to fit into a mold of someone else's ideas. Take advice and ask questions, but make the final decision based on you.

Yesterday was my last midterm! I am so happy to be out of that energy, it's not exactly a serene time of the year. Problem is I didn't eat consistently enough throughout the day and after my midterm I went straight to the gym.. So when I got home my body was is just eat the first thing you see mode... Unfortunately I was eating leftover pizza before I even realized what I was doing!! Has that ever happened to you?

To live a healthy lifestyle, it's so vital to not make that mistake! Always make sure you have fresh ripe food at your disposal! Its the recipe for success! :) But when it does happen, just brush it off and move on.

20 minutes on bike

Oj and strawberries
1L Banana-cherry smoothie
Vegan Pizza
Veggie soup.

Today is another day!

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