Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Taking care... of your health.

Day 2!!

Today was indeed a good day.

25 mins interval training on treadmill
15 mins vigorous training on rower.

Very similar to yesterday;
500ml OJ with one cup pureed strawberries
1.5L banana-raspberry smoothie
Vegetable soup.
Leftover roasted potatoes and carrots.

I usually have 4 meals a day, and they never really coincide with traditional meal times. In my opinion, do what works for you. We don't all have conventional schedules and so our meals should be taken when hungry, not when appropriate. 

Training is going really well. I'm enjoying the gym I signed up to. There's always free cardio machines and ample choice at that! Plus everything is shiny and new! Another bonus is the massage chairs they have there, best ones I have ever sit in. They even massage your legs!

I didn't do much physical the rest of the day though. It's midterm season and that means studying all day and writing a gazillion essays. 

Till tomorrow!!

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