Monday, 24 October 2011

Taking care... of you!

Living in our modern societies, we often lose track of living a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. Of keeping ourselves balanced and happy, and most of all of enjoying every second of the gift that is life!

I am no exception to this. I know what my ideal lifestyle is. I am making constant choices that are leading me to it, but I tend to lose perspective sometimes of doing what I can here and now to be the most fit and happy person I can be!

I made a decision on Saturday. I participated in a version of Amazing race at my University and didn't do as well as I had hoped, although e never quit and so the experience was very enriching. It was, to put it figuratively, the slap in the face I needed to get me consistently exercising again. I want to be fit so that I can enjoy activities like hiking and running, or races and scavenger hunts not unlike A-R with ease!

So starting today I ill be entering my daily workouts and meals for the next 30 days. I will be accountable to no one but myself, but making it public will be just that inch more motivation to keep up with it and keep my diet clean and progressing to 100% fruit. I may also do another OJ fast to clean house a bit while I'm at it :)

I'm starting off with just cardio for exercise this week, I'll add strength early next week.

I am going to be totally honest about any pitfalls or issues I'll be having as well as all the accomplishments i'll be proud of. This is going to be raw and honest. No sugar coating. It's the best I find to deal with myself and I hope that it helps someone else as well!!

So today:

20 mins interval training on treadmill
15 mins vigorous rowing on concept rower

500ml OJ with i cup blended strawberries
2 apples
1L banana and raspberry smoothie
Veg pita wrap with hummus
Roasted potatoes and carrots

One thing I always say is that there is no such thing as can't. This is something I was taught from a young age. If you truly want to get healthy and fit, then you can. Today is the time to make that change! Putting it off never works, and besides why wait? The healthiest fittest most amazing you is waiting to be unveiled!

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