Sunday, 27 November 2011

Big Things happen when you get inspired!

So I've been MIA for the past little while. I had a sudden moment of inspiration, you know the ones they talk about with the crazy clarity and motivation, the moment where you just KNOW this is what you were meant to be doing? Exactly that kind of moment, music and all! Now I am going to stay a little cryptic on what exactly I'm working on, but it absolutely is relevant to what I talk about on here. As soon as I'm ready to show the world what it is i'm preparing, it'll appear on here. :)

Food wise I've been doing ok, mostly because I'm getting so caught up in my work that I forget to eat regularly, then I realize I'm starving, and as much as I want only fruit, I can't seem to eat enough fast enough, I start off good, by having a fruit meal but then have something more densely caloric. I have been staying 811 though, and of course everything I eat is vegan. But since I'm back into somewhat of a normal schedule tomorrow, I'll be all set to get back on track.

Exercise wise, I've been realllly good! I worked doing some "hard labor" on a construction site for to long shifts, some great exerise that is! Was just helping out my family with a project that got behind. On the day I wasn't doing that, I either did a bootcamp workout at home, or went to the gym. Having a drive for life just makes such a huge difference, I feel like I have the energy to workout 10 hours a day, I also just haven't stopped being busy in the last bit. Being busy, IMO, is only detrimental if you can't keep a balance. My busy-ness has involved things from family and friends to business plans, work and spending time with my puppies. I go to bed tired, yet get 8 hours of sleep. Trying to spend some time outside, with the cold coming it isn't easy. Only thing I still need to work on is remembering to eat!

Have a great dayyy! Will try to get consistently posting again :)

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