Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Getting my raw gourmet on! (Warning! Do NOT do this everyday)

So I had a wonderfull weekend in Toronto witha  few of my girls annd we went to 2 rawsome restaurants where I got to indulge in a little raw gourmet yummyness. Now this stuff is truly potent and really NOT something to eat on a regular basis, more on that after the pictures!

Avo Tartar with "crackers"

Pasta Bolonese

Med App Platter


Now, I didn't eat all this food, mine would be the App plate and the tostadas, we also shared a plate of Raw Nachos, but they were gone so fast a picture was never going to happen! But obviously I had a taste of everything!! Certainly curbed many cravings I was starting to have.

On the flip side, as delicious as it was, it just wrecked havoc on my digestive system. Bloating, cramps, not so love BM's, moodiness, I was a grumpy bunny. My body was protesting the lack of fresh fruit and simple combinations it has been loving these past few weeks, also does NOT help that we went to both restaurants in the same day. Ouch. So note to take, don't do this. Once in a while is fine, as in once every few months maybe? But I just could not handle doing that everyday! No wonder so many people feel that the raw thing doesn't work, if they are eating this stuff on a daily basis, I can understand why!

Today was nice and simple :) Day 18!

1L Grapefruit Juice
2L Banana-mango Smoothie
5 vine ripened tomatoes
Large Salad

Now I'm really getting to the gym tomorrow, I just feel so good! Plus, I really miss it!

Till Tomorrow!

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