Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shopping for fruit: How much a week?

One big question for raw vegans is how much to eat? How does one plan shopping to never run out of ripe yummy fruit?

On a daily basis at the moment I am eating 2000 cals, but the optimal amount would be 2500-3000. I'm slowing working my way up to eating that much. It really all depends on your fitness level, but optimally you should be eating 10g of carbs per kilo of body weight. (to figure out your weight in kilos, just divide it by 2.2 if you're using lbs). The more you eat, the more energy you will have and the fitter you will be. Your health will improve and you will feel so much better than you ever thought possible, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

As for shopping I'll give you an example of what my stash looks like atmo.

On the counter: Cavendish bananas, red bananas, raw flax crackers, royal gala apples, pomegranates, sangria watermelon, green avocado, pineapples.
 In the bins:grapefruit, lemons and limes, mandarins, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, avocado, persimmons and dates!
In the fridge: half a case cavendish bananas(they don't ripen much when refrigerated, so I take them out as I go), half a case juicing oranges, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, other various veggies. 

So my strategy involves buying cases of bananas and juicing oranges about every week and a half. The rest I buy as I go, usually shopping 1-2 times a week. The key is to experiment with how much you'll need, and striking a balance between too much and too little. I also share some of this with my mum and littlest brother, whom I live with :)

So todayyyy:

No exercise again. Had a sore throat (I've had serious issues with my tonsils in the past and so this is completely expected during detox for me) and mucus. Although I really must say I can't wait to feel better so that I can go to the gym! 

500ml OJ
650ml Banana-Rasp Smoothie
almost half of a 17lbs Sangria watermelon
Massive salad (2 heads of lettuce, one large tomato and a small avo, although my littlest brother ate most of that lol)

Till Tomorrow!

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