Sunday, 13 November 2011

Back from weekend away!

I had planned on blogging the whole weekend, but unfortunately the hotel was charging 13$ a day fro internet, which was sooo ridiculous IMO. I had been expecting included wifi... but you don't always get what you assume will be there!

Anyyways, had an awesome weekend, have a bunch of food pics to share! But those will have to wait for tomorrow, since its late and I drove for a gazillon hours today! Great news is that I'm just finishing off 16 days raw at this moment :) I'll detail how the whole weekend went in my next post.

Food today:
1.5L banana-pineapple smoothie
4 bananas
Large salad
Raw nachos

Certainly did not eat enough, had some indigestion related to all the gourmet raw stuff I ate over the weekend.

Till Tomorrow!

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