Sunday, 6 November 2011

Raw emotions.

Today was really a hard day for me. Emotionally I was having a hard time keeping the happiness I've been feeling lately. I was down for most of the day and had a few situations where I got a little overwhelmed and ended up staying in my PJs all day and procrastinating my day away. My mom is gone for the week and so I have the house to myself, which most people would be uber happy about, but I really enjoy having her and my littlest brother around because they bring much joy and affection to my every day life. Also really difficult because I'm in a very long distance relationship, so getting emotional comfort is a tad difficult and just not the same over skype! So anyways, i've kinda pulled it all together. Took a warm bath, did some creative makeup for my other blog and am cuddling with my puppy now. Learning to deal with emotions instead of hiding them in bad food is a definite learning curve for this bunny.

A big reason for my difficulties was also my first major cravings, but really I wasnt craving anything specific food-wise, just comfort! I was also wayyy undercarbed, so I basically made myself have 1L of smoothie and I am now feeling much better. Not eating enough is your worst enemy at any time, even more so at the point where I am now.

I just made the mistake of thinking of cooked foods that I used to go to in times lie these, and I'm weirdly nostalgic. I really have no desire to eat those things anymore, but the emotional attachment I used to give them is pretty powerful stuff.

I really have to stop making the mistake of not eating enough. If I don't it'll be my downfall and I'm really wanting to make this my once and for all into a completely raw lifestyle. So tomorrow is another day. Weekdays are so much easier for me because I have a routine and its easier to eat enough when it's habitual!


1 pomegranate(first of season, wasnt great, and too much work for what I got)
1L banana-rasp smoothie

Till' Tomorrow!!

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