Sunday, 6 November 2011

Great days are just heavenly.

I had planned a more detailed post for today, but it's late and this Bunny needs to get some sleep in!

Lovely day, drove Mama and Littlest brother and his dad to the airport, lucky ones are off to the sun for a week! And then came back to get more sleep... since it was 4AM. After that had a nice day of studies, chatting with the bf and then some lovely time with a great friend, including going out to a veg restaurant where I got to get some gourmet raw dessert made by someone I met on a raw vegan forum!

I have pictures of most of my meal, except dessert... had already eaten half by the time I remembered to take a pic... I'll upload those tomorrow!

Food o'the day:
last 1/4 of my awesome watermelon
1L Orange juice
Smoothie at restaurant (banana, pineaple, mango, coconut milk and guava)
Avo-Nori salad
Raw carrot cake

All in all a day of enjoying life!

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