Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Rawk'n the Hotel Room

Traveling and staying raw really isn't the big issue you may think it is. For weekend away with the girls, and as the only fruity nut, I organized myself. I brought a ton of ripe bananas, a pineapple, some dried fruit, a few cucumber and some tomatoes. I would have brought more but know that we would be eating out quite a bit.

This was my set up, all I needed was some flat space, given here in the form of a desk. I came equipped with my trusty magic bullet with blender sized thingy, cutting board and required utensils along with quite a few sealable bottles and glasses. Nothing fancy really, just efficient!

Like I said we ate out, here's what one meal looked like:

Yummy smoothies and a fruit plate, that while was just terrible combining, was pretty nonetheless and since some of it was unripe I didn't eat all of it. Next time ill just ask for a plate of one or two varieties! We went out one other time, other than for raw food and I just had a simple salad :)


Didn't get to the gym againnn. End of semester AND moving our office at the same time, not good. But tomorrow no excuses since I don't have to be anywhere before 1130 AM.

1L Grapefruit juice
1.5L Banana-mango smoothie
5 tomatoes
Large Salad (romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, 1/4 avo)

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