Thursday, 15 December 2011

Organisation: well it's damn helpful that's for sure.

The past week has been a little(read:too much) crazy. So many thing have happened to change my perception of my path. I got a tons of disappointment and am now using it to make my life better and more fulfilling instead of wallowing in self pity and depression. I can't help but see the transformation in me. A year ago, I would have wallowed and cried, which don't get me wrong I did, but just for a night instead of a indeterminate amount of time. I gave myself time to "grieve" and now I am making decisions to not have it happen again.

I was supposed to be in South Africa with the love of my life for Christmas. It was the only thing I wanted and the only "thing" I asked for. It was promised to me, but not everyone keeps their promises. I was massively disappointed and disappointed others. It really wasn't pretty. I've lost trust in a family member and am now moving on. It's a slap in the face from the universe. There are changes I have to make, and now I am making them.

So I've set myself up with tools to help me along! Posted right next to my door is this:
The topmost one has the title of "Where I want to be in 6 months". It includes various goals from fitness, to relationship goals and school related stuff.

Directly below is titled: Staying Raw and list all the most important things that are going to keep me on my path to ultimate health! It includes eating enough calories, drinking enough ater, being active everyday, getting enough sleep, keeping a positive attitude, keeping my goals in mind, to never give up and states this"You are strong and Beautiful".

The third is an exercise schedule. Something that will keep me on track with my fitness goals! I've discovered a love for cycling the past few weeks and want to organize some bike tours with my bff. A great goal to thrive towards fitness wise! It's always easier when you have a challenge in mind. Like a 5k run or a 70k bike race.

Next I set up these next to my mirror:
The two top ones are my pain/pleasure lists of what happens when being 100% raw. Something to keep me on track and keep the reason why I have chosen this path for myself. Having reminders around are going to be great because then I can never lose sight of my motivations.

The last one at the bottom is a beginning to my vision board. I'm going to be assembling it over the next few days, it'll include everything I see myself doing/accomplishing. Not necessarily specific to any timeline, just all my dreams and aspirations smashed together in harmony.

And now my bed is calling.

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