Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Banana-Avocado Hair Mask!

I was in the mood to experiment with a shampoothie or hair mask. So I decided to try this one out since I had spotted it a few days ago during a random Google search for DIY skin/hair stuff that involved simple recipes and fruity goodness! I've been Shampoo free for almost 6 months now and I'm loving it. My scalp does tend to get a bit dry so I figured the avo would help with that.
First things first! Gather your ingredients! A Nice ripe spotty banana, organic preferably. You could also use a banana that is slightly off or overripe. A quarter avocado, don't use more than this or else your hair will have a oily look to it. I also used about a teaspoon Almond oil, which is an extra to ad if you have it, but if you don't, no need to purchase.

Bland away! Alternatively you can use a fork to mush it all up, only you'll probably have chunks and it may be harder to rinse out afterwards.

Green mushy goodness!

Apply all over. 

This is an optional step. I wrapped my hair in a plastic grocery bag to seal in heat so that the mask penetrates deeply into the hair. It's a great way to recycle, seems like there's always one around even though our household uses the reusable ones for actual groceries...

Don't forget to clean up your mess! Although the reaction to this one might be hilarious. Hahahaha!

Make sure that you rinse it all out very well after 10-15 minutes.


My hair was too shiny for the camera! Pictures kept coming out with blurry/shiny areas. This mask was great, gave me awesome volume and brought out my natural curl. I would definitely go without the almond oil next time though, too much fat cause me to have to tie up my hair the next day. But it was uber soft and just felt great! (Notice my lovely gradation of color in the pictures, growing out hair takes some commitment). With all the cold wind outside and dryness caused by central heating, my hair really welcomed this mask and I would definitely do it again! It also helped tons with my dry scalp issue, it feels much softer and less itchy. :) 

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