Saturday, 3 December 2011

Blurb. And how to stop being idiotic.

Ok, so I've absolutely thrown myself off the wagon this time, no falling involved. And it's really the most idiotic thing, because I'm not even enjoying the cooked CRAP I've been consuming.WTF right?

I have no real excuse. Besides, there are NONE that apply to not treating my body as it should be and nourishing it with the best food I can possibly find. I'm just being an idiot really. And seriously, this is it. Cause I can't continue doing shit for no reason other than it's easy and numbing, which is sadd. Thankfully I'm still eating fruit as a majority, but not 100%. No excuses is what I said, and I am not going back on it, because, again, there are none that are valid.

My life has been going through alot of major upheaval lately, basically I'm reconsidering everything that I've been doing and want to change alot of it, right now. I'm just really trying to figure out the best way to get to my end goal and achieve my new and most awesome goals. But then this whole thing is causing some serious soul searching that has me going a little crazy at times. But again, no excuses are good enough, and so those are more like trends that I know will trigger me off my path.

ALAS! (lol) there id also good news. I randomly decided to throw on a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 5 years, and they magicallllllyyyyy fit! Not perfectly I must say... but i got them on and tied and they didn't make me look like a mushroom! I'll attribute that to fruity goodness and working my bum off at work helping out with the construction of our new office! (which is ALMOST done yayyy!) I hadn't really noticed the change until then, even though my Mama kept saying I had lost some weight. Since I'm taking a break from the evil scale and with being so busy, sometimes you don't notice your hard work and awesome choices paying off!

Lesson of the week? Stop being an idiot and continue with what works. Plus, as much as life can seem complicated and all, there are so many thing worth smiling about. So smile!

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