Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The key to success?

I just had this random thought about hat the true key to succeeding in anything really is. While there may not be one "true" answer for everyone, one thing comes to mind for me, and that would be consistency!

In all my life adventures, I think that my biggest successes happened when I was being consistent in my output of effort. I'm the type of person that has wayyy too many ideas. I get caught up in the excitement of the novelty of the ideas, but don't regularly follow through because I get caught up in what I'm already doing (which is already usually lots). My problem when i wasn't following through was that i was seriously inconsistent and disorganized.

When I started using lists and writing down things, kind of like a vision board without images, I started actually getting stuff done. There is no better feeling that conceptualizing something that you're passionate about and then seeing it done! Getting myself organized enabled me to be consistent because I knew what needed to be done and then could make decisions and act on what needed to be done next.

Another thing that realllly helps with succeeding, is knowing yourself well enough to know when you are ready to take the next step. This, in my opinion, is vitally important to accomplishing your goals. Knowing how you work, as much as that may sound weird to some, gives you a huge edge on success. As an example, I know that I won't 100% commit to something until I've tested the waters. When the concept of raw veganism first came into my life, I laughed and said I would never do it. That it was too extreme. Well look at me now! I gave myself the time to come around to the idea and then started dipping my toes into the pool of awesomeness that is being raw. And from that experience I know now that sometimes people may tell you you're crazy, say they could never do something, but if you give them time enough to warm up to new ideas, they may just surprise you and cannon ball right in!

There are tons of other tips to success. But I really believe that these few ones are fundamental. Find a way to be consistent, learn to know yourself, and give yourself some time to consider new ideas, new approaches. And last, but not least, Thrive to be the best possible you that you can be. Always.

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