Sunday, 18 September 2011

Transitioning and what it means to me :)

One of the biggest questions in the high carb raw world is what is the best way to transition to this new lifestyle and diet. I absolutely believe in a take it day by day pace. I first began experimenting in the whole raw foodist world just over a year ago and I have had a few frustrating moments caused by detox, impatience and a misunderstanding of my body and certain of it's functions.

Detox can be an enemy to anyone going trough a diet change, be it from SAD(standard american diet) to any level of veg or even just including more whole foods to daily meals. This is your body getting rid of toxins that are usually stored in fat or other tissues. And to get rid of them they have to go through your blood system again to get to your eliminating organs and out of your system. This causes symptoms that can be unpleasant and so make the process difficult, more for some then others. If you look at your past lifestyle, most of us have abused our bodies with processed foods, alcohol, drugs and other habits. This takes time to heal and its the main reason why I absolutely believe in transitioning from one step to another at your own pace.  I'd rather someone making small changes and succeeding than have someone try to change it all overnight and fail and thus lose faith in the the process.

My diet at the moment consists of fruit for most of the day and a cooked meal for supper. I also have better and worse days. I also love to cook and experiment in the kitchen and introduce people to the vegan lifestyle, which is one thing that slows my transition to 100% raw as well. But it is a goal of mine, but if it takes me 3 years to get there, then I'm absolutely fine with that because I will get there one day as I believe it to be the healthiest and most ethical lifestyle and its definitely for me. And so, from now on I will be including low fat cooked recipes and things in this blog to basically help spread the word on veganism as well as fruitarianism. They are both part of my life and both very worthy of my attention. Besides since they are both part of my life at the moment, I like to write about them.

So if you are a meat-eater, and you just decide to eat more whole foods and less meat, then you've definitely made a step in the right direction! One step at a time works as long as you have your steps and final goal in mind and you're always progressing then in my opinion you are on the right path. My transition from SAD to veg was easy, it was an informed decision. Besides, there's tons of alternative out there that make the transition easy if you want to keep "meat" in your taste palette for the first while. The best way to do it? Educate yourself! Read books or browse the net for reason the be veg, for scientific research or even just for forums to ask questions and gain knowledge. Also, there are plenty of documentaries and interviews to watch for free on the net. Go at your own pace, for some people the overnight thing works, others it takes longer.

Start now :) Go check out Earthlings for an ethical reason documentary or read The China Study for a scientific take on it.

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