Sunday, 15 April 2012

Top 5 ways to get and stay on track.

Most of the time the only reasons things don't span out as you want them to, is because of a lack of organization and a not-so defined focus on the reasons and goals of a certain project, new habit, workout schedule, etc. I know that for me there are many things that I can do to set myself up for success or failure. The key is to really know where you want to be and how exactly you are going to get there. Here are my top 5 tips to get and stay on track:

1. Write it down. Be it on a piece of paper, a notebook, a file on your computer. Basically whatever works best for you. I primarily use lists written on my computer in a file that is always open. I also like using paper lists of goals I want to acheive in a certain period of time (like in 3 months) and pin it up somewhere that I am going to see it every day so that I have another constant and mostly subconscious reminder of what I want.

2. Make a vision board. This is the time to let out our inner craftsmanship and get busy with magazines, colored paper, markers and glue. It doesn't have to be perfect and it's for your eyes only anyways. Making it vibrant and noticeable is key here because you want it to be as noticeable as possible so that your eye is drawn to it every tie you pass. This enables you to keep these goals at the forefront of your mind and makes an idea and goal much more tangible.

3. Talk about it as if it is happening, even if it isn't. Being vocal about your dreams and goals enables you to bring them to the realm of the possible. Affirming it will help you acheive it because you are basically motivating yourself by convincing yourself that it is already started, usually the hardest part about any changes. Keep your words and thoughts positive, even if you tumble off track a bit, just get back up and continue trekking on.

4. Ask for help and advice, or even just a few opinions. This will keep you on track in the aspect of not only having others opinions, but also affirming your own. Just make sure you have someone that you can talk to that will carry the conversation on a positive note, and be ready for some constructive criticism.

5. Be accountable. This one depends on what works best for you as an individual. As an example, when I write lists, I make it a point to have to get everything done that I write down. If for some reason it isn't done on the day I wrote it to be, I keep an afternoon a week to get done what wasn't accomplished during the week. It works for me because I get pleasure in highlighting tasks that got done!

All these things keep me on track for getting er done. If I don't do them, I tend to get sidetrack and disorganized where I waste time and don't get much done, which in turn is unmotivating in itself!

Have a great week!

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