Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring 2012 Juice Feast: Day Three!

Soooo I almost forgot to post tonight! I've given myself the gift of a veryyy relaxing evening cuddling with my dogs and was just about to turn the lights off!

Ok so today went somewhat better than yesterday! Good news indeed. I still had physical detox symptoms, like the uneasiness and a little nausea this morning, plus brain fog most of the day. Otherwise I was in a better mood.

I'm hoping that it gets better from day 4 on, simply because I don't know how long I can take this eurk feeling right now. Especially with it being Easter weekend, full of family events and having already committed to making dinner for my family on Saturday. I know I can do it, the thing I really need to work on is having the patience to go through it and not get impatient with my body doing what needs to be done. This shall be my lesson to work on most for tomorrow.

I haven't really gotten into my emotional and spiritual reasons for doing a spring cleanse yet, but that is sure to come as I feel the detox working on those areas of life. When I do a juice fast, it really breaks one down to the roots. You have no food to hide behind, little distractions from you are really thinking, what you are really feeling. It's a truly 100% raw experience to bare it all. Raw food to some extent does the same, but I think that getting down to the bone of it all happens at it clearest during a fast of some sort. I can't even imagine how purifying a water fast can be, but it is something I would like to experience sometime in the future.

Today I had:
Parsley-Carrot-Orange 1L
Pineapple 1.5L
Pineapple-Blackberry 500mL
Double Shot Wheatgrass
Water 3L

I am going to try to space out my juices more throughout the day, seems like right now I am either splitting it out more to one side or the other between morning and evening. The wheatgrass reallllyy had me feeling it too, so a single shot next time is going to be more than enough!

I am feeling detox in other ways too. As an example, I usually only need to shower every 2-3 days, but now I really feel the need to have at least one a day. Also, no BM today, which I'm not too happy about, but it's all part of the process.

Tomorrow is another juicy, vibrant day. Enjoy!

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