Friday, 6 April 2012

Spring 2012 Juice Feast: Day Five!

I woke up this morning feeling great! I had to get up for a short period during the night to use the facilities but other wise had a very restful night. My brain fog had started to lift significantly from when I woke up until now, I have a clearer mind right now than I've had in a while. I have been feeling significantly better these past few days than the first three. Barely any hunger, although many many cravings.

I spent the major part of the day driving to and from Montreal to pick up a friend at the airport and so did get my juices and water in easily. But as soon as I got home I was tired and set out to take a short nap... that lasted about 3 hours. Although I woke up feeling rested, my body decided it was time to have some nausea and cramps, which I quickly found out was a BM coming into play.  Straight afterwards I was feeling so good! Getting rid of all that toxic waste is so important.

Back to cravings, although I am feeling very good, I am getting the urge to break my fast already. I'm not entirely sure if it's just detox speaking so I am waiting at least another day to see if the feeling subsides. I didn't think that I would be feeling this so early on. But like I set out to do, the first thing I am doing right now is listening to my body. I am giving it as much rest as it is asking for and plenty of fluids and movement when asked for as well! The things that I've been craving aren't entirely terrible though, mostly salad, random fruits and rice. All low fat and non junk food related.

My goals for this fast have actually been pretty well accomplished. My candida symptoms are almost non-existent, my eating is going to be much cleaner now that I'm not craving the junk as much if at all. I've lost some weight, but really I just wanted to kick start it again to get back to raw, which will have me truly achieving my goal in that regard. My liver seems happier and will be even more so when the herbs help it out. Bowel movements are really important when detoxing the lover so I wanted to wait until after I was done fasting to really help it along.

I am dedicated to break my fast properly this time around. Last year around this time I broke my fast the wrong way, by just giving in to what I thought was hunger and just chowing down on a huge complex meal. I will be eating only fruit and greens, as I've planned to do so mostly forever more. I'll be keeping it extremely simple for at least the first week and then go from there. I am thinking that I will be breaking my fast on Sunday, making it 7 days total. It's been sounding right to me since I've had the thought come into my mind. As much as I wanted to do longer, I think that this being my third juice fast ever, and my longest as of right now, I'm better off keeping it short and sweet and doing it longer next time around. I will be continuing a detox regiment after i break my fast by taking some liver cleansing herbs followed by a full body detox for 30 days. I'll be cleaned out by the time summer comes around!

I also can't wait to start doing vigorous workouts again. I have the urge to move and get outside, but haven't been pushing myself too much over the past days because my body wanting little to do with it.

Tomorrow is another beautiful chance to make positive changes. Enjoy!

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