Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring 2012 Juice Feast: Day Two!

Blah. Exactly how I feel right this moment. Detox is coming on strong this evening. I was feeling decent all day, but when dinner time came around, Cranky Bunny made it's appearance. Looks like it was a good choice to get started on a cleanse! Cause with these symptoms I certainly needed it!

Basically I feel like utter poo. If you've ever seriously cleansed before, it's that general eurk feeling that just takes over and makes you want to hibernate for a few days. OK so I may be being a little dramatic... I've only been feeling this way for the evening, so really living regular life while doing this works out fine. Did I mention I was cranky?

My favorite thing to do during the first few days of cleansing is snuggle in front of a good movie before bed. This way I'm comfortable and distracted, making the whole process of day 1-3 a breeze for me and those around me.

I might have pushed myself a little too much today too, I started my prep for my garden. This meant about an hour of sweating and shoveling compacted soil.It was a whim of the moment type deal. I'm happy I started on it though! I'm late starting my very first garden :) Can't wait to start growing and harvesting! Mmmmm heirloom tomatoes...

Ok back to cleanse talk. I had a lesser variety of juices today and that worked out better than yesterday.

Beet-Kale-Apple (1L)
Pineapple (1.5L)
Papaya-Mango (750mL)
Water (3L)

I also did my usual morning routine of Sun Salutations and meditation. I think that it's really going to help me along this adventure and keep me balanced, not to mention a great way to start any day!

Let's finish this day with:

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