Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring 2012 Juice Feast Day 6 and the days that followed.

Day 6 was actually my last day fasting. I felt like it was time late that evening and had a couple bananas as my first meal back on solids. They we're carefully chewed and through fully enjoyed! I don't think I've gone 6 days without them in a very very long time. I think that this will be be my last juice fast for a while. I did get some good things out of it, but really I want to wait until I can truly give it my all before attempting it again. This means time to relax and sleep, not being too busy, time to meditate for hours if I really feel like it, etc.

I stumbled quite a bit on the reintroduction of solids, since I had some steamed rice on day 2, with some homemade tomato sauce. I've been keeping it extremely simple though, since any kind of complex meal just upsets my stomach, as it should.

I find that I've been sleeping much more since coming off the fast. Where before I found myself waking up easily after 7 hours, now I get through 9 easily. I'm not really complaining at all, I know that my body needs it. On day 6 itself I was in bed by 7:30PM and only woke up 12 hours later, only to sleep another 2 hours! I am going to bed much earlier and getting up just a tiny bit earlier as well, which was something I did want to start doing anyways, this saves me going through a schedule change gradually.

I am back to a low fat, very high raw high carb diet, with the grand majority of things being fruit. The only meal that I've been wanting and eating that is cooked is rice. I could easily like on bananas and rice right now! I think that as long as I stay away from processed anything and high fat anything, and keeping all my meals very very simple, I am very happy with the way things have progressed.

I lost a total of 8 pounds while fasting, regained 4lbs in the past few days, which is totally normal and expected. Now as long as I keep my diet in line with my desires, and get back into exercising daily I will be continuing on the trend I've set with the fast.

Overall I have to say that I am happy with the way things have come together. I feel better, my candida symptoms have diminished greatly, I lost a little weight, I love my juicer and I am back on track just like I set out to be!

Life loves you back when you give it some effort and some dedication :)

Have a great day!

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