Monday, 27 February 2012

Positive thinking: How about some major changes?

I think that the number one thing that determines whether you will be successful or not is planning ahead. I am definitely a culprit of having issues in that department. Going raw isn't something that most people do overnight, althoug some ahve. It necessitates organization in many areas. Like ALWAYS having ripe high cal fruits around, like mangoes, bananas or dates. I made that mistake a gazillion times, might make it again a few more, but hey I am only human and the biggest thing I care about is that I am always learning and improving.

This past week has been a roller-coaster ride. Some things happened that I never thought would and I've been dealing with some massive emotional growth through it all. It sucks royally, but I've found that I can forgive so much easier than I used to, and that helps so much. When something ends, we tend to always dwell on the ending part instead of the new beginning, sometimes because it seems kinda scary. But I've found that looking towards new possibilities and keeping in mind that my personal dreams haven't changed, just maybe the way some of them will work out. Life is a crazy thing, and there are so many things to be discovered. I think that my journey towards raw has enabled me to grow so much emotionally that I can deal with events that would have had me crumbling in the past.

Positive thinking can get you to places you may have thought impossible! I've really seen the effects of it now and wow it is amazing! There is ALWAYS a way to see things in that light. That being said, anothing that I've discoverd that might be obvious to some, is that it's ok not to be ok for a bit. I've been having ups and downs and letting myself live both without barriers. The healing process is so much easier this way.

That being said, I didnt exercise exactly as I would have wanted to. I did keep busy and moved around alot, went for walks and such, but focused on letting myself heal and rest as I needed.

I am feeling on the better side today, and will definitely be getting back into my routines. I am craving it!

I also just bought a book called Could it be B12? and am loving it so far, I'll write a post about it as soon as I am done to give my review!

Smash it everyday guys!!

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