Monday, 20 February 2012

Sometimes, you just gotta kick yourself in the ASS.

This past week wasn't my finest moment, I didn't achieve any of the goals I set out to. BUT there is some light in this tunnel.

I've been wanting to update on the whole maca root use and now is the perfect time. I took it for about 2 weeks before I decided it just wasn't for me. I had bought a raw powdered from of it as opposed to the gelatinized version (no gelatin involved, it's just the term they use to say that they took out all the starches) because I really don't believe in processing a food more than just drying it. I stopped taking it because it was giving me massive heartburn. So end of story for that one. Bonus: it was a lesson learned as well, but I am glad I tried it nonetheless.

I have found another solution since, and I've only been doing it for about 4-5 days, but already I can see a difference. Last week I was so exhausted and moody, my typical PMS self. Once I started taking b12 in higher doses (I'm taking 2x 5000mg sublinguals right now), I noticed a HUGE difference in mental clarity, mood and energy levels. They still aren't perfect, but I have not felt this good a few days away from my menses start date in over a year. It's a beautiful thing!

I recently read an article about b12 and how it affected this individual's energy levels and got rid of his depression. I've been prone to depression for as long as I can remember, and now it seems like it will never come back, as long as I keep up with the b12, at least until my body has completely healed itself. I knew I had an issue with b12 because of past bad habits and had been taking it on and off on a regular basis, but the dosage just wasn't high enough to truly make a difference. I am not one for supplements (and I work in a store filled with them) but in this case I definitely make an exception since it really is something that affects most people in this sterile and stressful society.

Other news, I finaly finished my health and fitness vision board!

So goals for this week: 100% fruit fueled, at least 3 workouts. I'm setting a smaller goal simply because it will motivate me to do more.

Have a great week! Keep it real ;)

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