Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Monthly Goals: March 2013

March is always a very busy month in my world. With tons of birthdays, including mine on the 7th, term papers and assignments due, spring around the corner and an imminent move to prepare for before I get swamped by exams in April so that I'm ready for it come May, there is tons on my mind!

So let's get to March Goals!

First and foremost, let's talk food. I am still 100% raw (woo!) and loving it, despite still having some random cravings and having a few bumps here and there. This month I want to start incorporating more juicing into my daily routine. I used to juice a ton and got out of the habit a bit. I find juicing to be amazingly beneficial and plan on writing a post entirely dedicated to it this month. Green juice is definitely my favorite,a nd with greens FINALLY getting cheaper, it'll be much easier to do.

Another food goal, is to try to be more consistent with my calorie intake and up it back to 2800-3200 calories a day. I've been keeping it a little low for my liking around the 2300-2600 mark and I know that I thrive even more when my calorie intake is higher. Also, my water intake has been less than it should be, so with 2.5 liters a day my new goal, I'll be getting enough to stay hydrated.

As for fitness goals, I'll be continuing with the same system I set up (picture below) but with a little more intensity. I'll be rotating all the categories by choosing 2 or more per day, at a minimum of 4 days a week with an ideal goal of 6 day a week. With the weather getting nicer, I might be able to attempt some outside runs!

A big one that I'm more or less introducing this month concerns my sleep schedule. I've always had difficulty balancing this one with all the others. Either I sleep tons, or not enough. I want to concentrate on getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep everyday, ideally it would be 10, but I want to be realistic and work my self up to my ideal. This means being much more organized and time efficient with everything that I want to do. Less procrastination means more zzz's!! By establishing a specific morning routine, I'll be getting up earlier and exercising more, which means getting to be earlier and actually being tired is much more likely.

Let's see...what else...

Spiritual goals are basically the same, meditation every day for a least 15 minutes and yoga a few times a week, usually at home but I would like to get to a few classes as well to vary it up since I'm doing all of my workouts at home now. I want to explore some new methods of meditation as well, guided, new techniques and positions. 

I wanted to add one more category in these posts as well, a blogging goals section! So this month I want to write another Fun Fitness post, this time about Yoga. I also want to write a post about how raw has helped with my debilitating anxiety and lastly I want to write a post about letting go of the numbers aka the scale. I might have a few more ideas, but those are my must do's for March! :)

Here's to yet another amazing month!!

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