Thursday, 28 February 2013

Monthly Goals: Assessment of February 2013

How did this month fly by so fast!?

It's been pretty intense, although I had reading week to recharge a bit, it was midterms and assignments galore before and afterwards.

Fitness-wise, I didn't attain my goals 100%. I got into the squat challenge pretty hardcore for 15 days, took 8 off then started again. It's amazing how just 100 squats a day makes a difference! My legs are so much stronger and my butt is looking pretty good if I do say so myself! I'm probably going to continue with the trend, but giving myself one day off from them because I did feel like a recovery day would do me some good at some points.

As for the push up challenge, I finished week 1 and part of week 2 of it. At that point I was feeling actual pain doing them and needed to reassess doing them. My form might be less than perfect or my shoulders are too tight are the conclusions I've come to. I will be trying it again, but just starting at a lower level and making sure my form is correct.

Have I said I love rock climbing??? I stayed true to my goal of a minimum of once a week, even going 4 times during reading week. I've improved a lot too! Gone up a few levels and attempted a few really difficult climbs. The running I wasn't as motivated for.

Raw has been going very well! I've fine tuned as I wanted to and am feeling amaazing. Hitting 60 days tomorrow is almost surreal with the struggle I've had in the past. I am still eating overts basically every day, but have taken out most nuts, seeds and spices other than for special meals. This surprized me the most cause it really just happened organically, where I didn't even set a specific intention for it, it just happened that I didn't want it anymore. There are still some things that aren't perfect, like I have been having issues getting good quality fruit, so I'm not eating as much as I should be. But with mangoes coming into season, that should sort itself out soon!!

Spiritually, I have explored a few new ways to dig deep and connect through various methods, including meditation. Although it hasn't been consistent enough for my liking, I think that the balance I've managed in other parts this past month will enable me to concentrate a bit more on it now. Yoga is going to be more of a priority as well.

Emotionally, I'm still going through a few roller-coasters. I'm still going with the flow and dealing with issues as they come up. I've had a lot of body image stuff come up lately, stuff that's been deeply ingrained for a very long time that I feel needs to be purged and figured out so that I can move on. I've come to realize that although I don't regret anything about my life path because it has led me to where I am today and I am very grateful for that, I am still holding a grudge towards myself for having compromised my health as much as I have. Learning to forgive myself is going to be a process. One that I need to undertake to move forward.

My vivid dreams still come and go, but they are less and less attached to people of my past and more towards vague experiences that aren't quite clear.

So it's been a pretty good month I'll say. I'll be writing about my goals for the next one in the next few days!

Much fruit and love! <3

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