Monday, 19 March 2012

Hello Sunshine.

It has been such an amazing weekend, the sun is out and we've had crazy warm weather! All week is calling for the same, low to mid twenties (Celsius) and it almost looks like we've skipped thrugh spring and gone straight to summer! I've been wearing dresses and shorts all weekend and will be continuing that allllll week!

I really did get my juicer at the perfect time, summer and fresh juice just got hand in hand! I got some massive cantaloupes and juiced one, which gave me 1.5 liters of deliciousness to enjoy in the morning sun!
I'm right in the middle of moving at the moment, so lots to do. Packing and moving are providing me with great exercise in combination with yoga and my meditation practice that I'm continuing on with. The new place is also very close to a great bike/running path, which means awesome running for me! I'm going to be purchasing my very first officially real running shoes and water pack so that I can actually get into it. I was going to be running a 5k, but then moving made things complicated and when I get busy, I lose track of running because it does take up more time. I have to fix that bad habit of mine!

In other news, I finally got my hands on a good water filtering system. The perks of my job include buying at an extremely discounted price when customers return things that can't necessarily be resold, like this water system:
I love it for many reasons, one being the water tastes great! We have one in the store so I've been sipping at it for a few months now. It has a 8 step process, first a carbon filter, then a 5 step filtration through various natural filters then at the bottom are remineralizing rocks and finally the spout itself has a magnetic function that removes negative ions from the water. I think that having clean water is so important, tap water just does not cut it. Bottled water is expensive and not to mention wasteful. So unless you have direct access to a spring, your best best, imo, is to get something like this. There are a gazillion different models out there, so choosing one is up to personal needs and preference!

Back to packing for this Bunny, have a great fruity week!

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